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Daily Archives: November 11, 2016


I was introduced to Cutco knives a few years ago.  I was not expecting much.  I was invited to a Cutco house party and bought a few things.  Little did I know that those would become the favorite tools in my kitchen.  I have the trimmer and the french knife, the spreader (which is amazing) and the peeler. They are as sharp today as the day I got them.  However, I had lost touch with Cutco, since they are sold via local representatives, until my son’s parents weekend.  I met the nicest boy at Providence College, Dillon Foley.  We started talking and he told me he sold cutco and he was one of the highest sales producer in the country.  Actually, Dillon sold so many Cutco items that he earned a scholarship to Providence College and is working towards another one!!!  Soooo I thought I would share Cutco and Dillon with you (he really is my Fashionable Friend Friday but I thought the title would embarass him!!!!!!!).  He put together this video for my readers and you can check the complete online catalogue HERE and email Dillon with any questions  Stay tuned there are going to be a few Cutco products in my Holiday Gift Guides coming soon!!!  Bon Weekend!

My Favorite Knife – The Trimmer