You Will Never Make Microwave Popcorn Again!!!!

One of my best “blogging” friends Jessica writes The Entertaining House.  If you don’t follow her blog, you definitely should.  It is amazing and she writes beautifully.  I had been following her for years and we eventually met up and I am so lucky that our friendship blossomed.  Jessica is so talented.  Which brings me today’s post. She posts the most amazing recipes.  However, I have a soft spot for her  truffled popcorn.  I make it all the time.

image Le Creuset
(adapted from The Entertaining House)



Olive oil
White Truffle Oil
Popcorn kernels
Sea Salt
A large pot with lid

Fully coat the bottom of your pot with a combination of the olive and truffle oils (roughly 3-4 tbs)
Add a very generous amount of salt to the bottom of the pan (the popcorn will absorb some but much will also stick to the pan)
Turn the heat on to high
Add enough kernels to fully cover the olive oil
Listen,  as the kernels begin to pop
Turn the heat down slightly and gently shake the pot
Listen carefully and when the popcorn slows and nearly stops popping remove the pot from the burner. WARNING: The bottom will be very hot so place on a hot plate or on another burner.
Remove the lid and carefully drizzle more Truffle Oil over the popcorn.
Add more sea salt and some pepper to taste
If its not devoured right away it tastes as good the next day!

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