Wish List Wednesday

Through this blog, I am always discovering really great products.  Recently, I have found so many items that have become summer staples.  Here are some things that are on my must have list for summer 2015!

EO lavender wipes.  I first saw these at whole foods by the entrance.  They smell so good.  At each visit to whole foods, I would take a few extra to keep in my purse and car.  The result was heavenly.  These wipes are available at your local Whole Foods or you can buy them on Amazon HERE
My SIL recently introduced me to this delicious ice coffee called “Cold Roman”.  You basically pour a little bit of the espresso mix (1/3) over ice and add milk (2/3).  You don’t even need to add sweetener.  It is the best ice coffee I have ever had.  You can learn more about Cold Roman HERE.  If you are looking for another ice coffee to make at home, Starbucks sells one that is available in your supermarket’s refrigerator section (near the juices).  It is also delicious and another staple in our house this summer!!!
I recently tried Beauty Counter’s Rose Water Uplifting Spray.  It is such a luxurious pick me up on hot humid days and we all know how important is is to keep our skin hydrated.  It not only gives you a “dewy glow” but it is also great to spray on your pillow at night to help you sleep.  To learn more about the spray or beauty counter products click the business card ad of our rep Wendy above.
I love to wear larger earrings in the summer.  They really look great with summer outfits and help to dress up any look, day or night.  Right now, I am loving the Kaia chandelier earrings from Stella and Dot.  The white stones really pop against tanned skin!   For more info on these gorgeous earrings click HERE
I always have a purse size spray of Aromaflage insect repellent in my bag.  I love the “wild” scent.  And because it is all natural I don’t have to worry about being soaked in chemicals.  Also, I get so many compliments when I wear it AND it really does keep the bugs away.
My husband recently brought this hint fizz watermelon sparking water home for me, thinking I might like to try it!!  I have to say it has become my FAVORITE summertime beverage.  The watermelon flavor is really just a “hint” so it is not sweet at all and very refreshing.  It is an all natural product so no additional sugars are added,  to enhance the flavor. You have to try it!!  So far, I have only found it at Whole Foods but you can check the website to see where it is available in your area, HERE

I love love love my Kindle and Kindle app.  Having the access to get books at the touch of a button is priceless.  I love not having the stack of “to read” books cluttering my nightstand.  All of the books I am dying to read are neatly stored on my little kindle device.  More and more books are available on the kindle, especially travel books, which is great when trying to plan a fabulous summer get away!!!  
I am dying to buy a pair of the Aerin Lauder jeweled sandals.  I recently visiting the Aerin store and fell in love with all the embellished flats.  I love wearing them with white jeans and shift dresses all summer long.  To see the complete assortment of Aerin shoes click Here.

My good friend Rere of Rere Corcoran Jewelry knows how much I LOVE turquoise.  She recently made me a gorgeous gemstone turquoise necklace with a beautiful one of a kind asian pendant. I have not been able to take it off since I got it.  To learn more about Rere’s beautiful jewels, click HERE

My last product was literally right under my nose for 3 years.  Regiliously, I visit my Aesthetician, Julie of Skin NY Westchester.  She is a miracle worker and has changed my life (but that is for another post!).  I literally WILL NOT miss an appointment with her, so much so, that one day I was deathly ill and had her put on a face mask so she would not catch my germs. I had to make it through my session!!!  About a month ago, she gave me a muti purpose skin cream called “Julie in a Jar”.  You can use in on your face and on your body.  It is wonderful.  Very soothing and healing.  I love the lavender scent and I use it all day long!  For more info on Skin NY please click HERE

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you. I only feature things that I truly love and I hope you do too!!!
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