Why You Need To Visit The Met Now….

The Met re-opened for visitors on August 29th. My daughter and I went today and it is a dream. You have to purchase your tickets in advance on their WEBSITE and pick an entry time. Everyone must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth and your temperature is checked upon entry. Throughout the museum there are hand sanitizer stations and all the gallery walkways are re-directed to minimize crowds and keep everyone at a safe distance. I have been to the Met so many times, even after hours when I have been one of a handful of people walking the halls, however, today I saw things I have never seen before. With the blocking off of some corridors and rerouting guests, we explored rooms that I never knew existed. I really saw a whole new museum and since the crowds were maintained, I felt like we had the museum to ourselves. The volunteers all told us that this has been the best time for Museum guests to visit and really get to enjoy the museum like no other time in the Met’s history. I could not agree more. It was the most wonderful day. Here are some of the highlights from our visit…You have to go for yourself!!!!!!

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