Who Doesn’t Need A Little More Vitamin C In Their Life?

A week or so ago, we asked our readers for their best Quarantine purchases. One of the responses from my friend Rere was really unique and she was obsessed…A Vitaclean Vitamin C Showerhead….WAIT??? WHAT????? How could that be a thing???!!!!!..I immediately went on the Vitaclean Website. I was soooooo intrigued. It looked so cool and really easy to install and NOT EXPENSIVE for an EVERYDAY spa experience right at home. The handheld and wall-mounted showerheads use a unique filtration system to soften water and remove impurities. Paired with Vitamin C Shots they turn your shower into a spa experience, increase water pressure, and leave your skin and hair softer. I immediately ordered the handheld shower head with the vitamin c citrus shot. The installation of the shower head was so easy. I just twisted my old handheld off, twisted the Vitaclean one on, popped in the citrus vitamin c shot, and immediately I forgot where I was. Honestly, it was heavenly. My bathroom was transformed by the scent of the natural plant essential oils in the shot. When essential oils are exposed to the air they evaporate, quickly releasing their scent which provides the unique experience. I am in LOVE with the citrus scent, so far it is my fav but I do love the Rose too and I cannot wait to try the Lavender and the Coconut/Vanilla. I review tons of products throughout the year and honestly, this has been one of the best beauty purchases that I have made in the longest time. I am head over heels. Here is the LINK to the website where you can view the 2 shower head options, see all the scents and other products available. There are a great question and answer section and a step by step installation guide. I cannot wait for you to try this product…It is definitely one of my 2020’s absolutely must-haves!!!!!!

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