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A Longer Lasting Injection….. Is It For YOU?

Dr. Carniciu of New York Eye and Face started distributing the longer-lasting DAXXIFY injection that promises to keep you wrinkle-free for 6 to 8 months and helps you say goodbye to wrinkles quickly and long term. Of course…I have been waiting to get more information on this service and I booked an appointment with Dr. Carniciu to get the scoop for you. I am a believer and with my fingers crossed hope not to need another appointment until the late fall/holiday time. Here is what Dr. Carniciu had to say. If you would like to make an appointment or have a consultation, click HERE TO BOOK ONLINE.

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What is the difference between DAXXIFY and other “tox” injections?
DAXXIFY has been shown in scientific studies to be the longest-lasting neuromodulator or “tox” on the market. DAXXIFY injections last an average of 6 months, and up to 9 months in some patients. In contrast, other tox injections last an average of 3 months, and up to 4 months in some patients. Overall, you can expect your DAXXIFY to last twice as long as your traditional “tox” injections.
How long until I see results?
Results take 1-2 days to begin kicking in, sooner than the other “tox” injections. Similar to other neuromodulators, full onset takes 2 weeks. Regardless of the type of neuromodulator used, I see first-time patients back for a complimentary visit at 2 weeks after their injections to assess results and touch up as needed.
Since it is longer lasting do you use the same amount of injections?
The same number of injections are used per session, but the strength of the active “medicine” per injection is more potent. So, there are no additional pokes! In fact, with DAXXIFY patients have 2-3 fewer annual visits to their physician injector, so they are getting injected less often.
Does it cost more that my current injections?
Since the duration of DAXXIFY averages twice as long as the other neuromodulators, this science comes with a higher price point per session. The per-session cost is approximately 1.5x the cost of traditional injections. However, patients can expect to save overall on their “tox” injections with DAXXIFY, since most patients only need 1-2x sessions per year instead of the 3-4x per year required to maintain results of other neuromodulators. 
Who is a good candidate for DAXXIFY?
Women and men who are looking to reduce wrinkles and maximize their time with less frequent visits to their doctor! Patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have certain neurological conditions should avoid neuromodulators, including DAXXIFY. 
Are there any side effects?
Bruising and swelling can occur after injection. Bruising can be prevented with icing and minimizing alcohol and NSAID (ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin) use after injections. If bruising does occur, the BBL HERO laser has a special setting that treats bruises. We offer this laser bruise treatment as a complimentary service to our cosmetic injection and surgical patients at New York Eye and Face Oculoplastic Surgery. 

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Easy Ways To Maintain Great Skin

Looking after your skin can often seem like such a tricky task, especially when you randomly encounter issues like dryness, excess oil, acne, and more. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might imagine kicking these poor skin problems to the curb as taking great care of your skin can be simple when you know how!

Fortunately, this guide contains some of the most effective steps that you can follow to make sure your skin maintains the healthiest glow all year round. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more!

Image Source – Pexels 

Focus On Eating A Balanced Diet 

One of the most important steps that you must follow if you want to look after your skin properly is to eat a balanced, natural diet. In today’s world, junk food is far too accessible and unfortunately, it’s slowly but surely becoming a key component of the average individual’s diet. However, eating too much over-processed food is no doubt going to wreak havoc on your skin health (and overall well-being, too). Junk foods generally contain ingredients like fat, sugar, and salt that can encourage a variety of skin issues to occur when consumed in excess. 

Instead, when you make the decision to focus on eating natural, healthy, and balanced wholefoods, you stand a much better chance of maintaining luscious problem-free skin. A good plate of food is one that contains lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (around half of the plate), some lean protein (about the size of your fist), and a portion of complex carbohydrates. You should also add a source of healthy fat too, as your skin needs healthy fats to stay supple and plump – think avocado, nuts and seeds, olive or coconut oil, etc. 

If you switch from a junk food jamboree to a healthy, wholesome diet, you’ll notice near-immediate improvements in the look and feel of your skin. Excess oil will likely begin to balance itself out, while acne and other blemishes will fade and reduce in their frequency. The healthier you eat, the better condition your skin is likely to be in, so switch up your diet if you want to maintain clear, dewy skin. 

Throw Out Chemical Cosmetics 

Another key step that you should consider taking if you want to take great care of your skin is to throw out chemical cosmetics. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of potentially damaging cosmetics that contain untested or harmful ingredients is absolutely staggering, and even some of the most popular brands are riddled with chemicals that could do real damage to your skin and general well-being. 

Many cosmetics contain chemicals that are also present in things like cleaning products or worse, and it’s been proven in several studies that common beauty product ingredients have a number of dangers from extreme skin dryness to cancer. Those with eczema or dry skin know better than most about just how triggering some common cosmetics can be, as people with sensitive skin can experience severe reactions to high-street beauty products. So, taking the time to check the ingredients list and actively search for more natural cosmetics is a smart idea. 

Thankfully, there are many new brands that recognize the many issues presented by chemical cosmetics, and as a result, there are lots of conscious, natural products popping up on the market. Always take the time to research a brand or product before you buy it – even if you read the word ‘natural’ on the label. Some manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and simply adding a single natural ingredient to their otherwise risky chemical mix, just to use the word natural on their label for a little trickery. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce or identify any of the ingredients listed, then it’s probably not safe for your skin. 

If you want to make sure that you never have to put anything untested or unnatural on your skin, then you can explore the option of making your own cosmetics at home. You can make a scrub with leftover coffee grounds, or even whip up a moisturizing face mask with oats, banana, and honey. 

Final Thoughts 

When you can utilize some of the tips and ideas detailed above, you’ll find it so much easier to take great care of your skin. You’ll wish you had followed these steps sooner when you see the amazing results you can achieve, so get out there and make the most of these excellent ideas now!

The Ultimate Skincare Workshop is Coming To Greenwich…

Next week Readers, your skincare dreams are going to come true. The incredible founder Cayli Cavaco Reck of Knockout Beauty is coming to Greenwich to bring her fabulous products to a few lucky women in a one-on-one beauty experience via the Knockout Beauty master class.

All Knockout Beauty master classes are an immersive, dynamic, experience led by Cayli Cavaco Reck. The owner and founder of Knockout Beauty has developed a proven system of treatments and techniques that will ultimately transform your skin. Her casual and intimate style of teaching will touch on good habits, health and well-being, as well as her science-driven approach that is used by more than 20,000 people worldwide. Cavaco Reck is recognized as a skin insider and expert by media including, Allure, Vogue, New Beauty, and The Cut.

Dates: 11/3/22 & 11/4/22 

Price: An exclusive Poppy Caravan price of $100 (this experience usually retails for $400). 

**Please note this is paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable. 

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Location: The Delmar Greenwich Harbor, 500 Steamboat Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830

The Science of Beauty with Sarah Wragge Wellness  – This skincare masterclass will focus on the morning routine and preparing the skin for the day. Book the morning session by clicking here.

Afternoon Make-up Master Class – This class will focus on proper skin preparation followed by tricks and tips learned backstage and on set with world-renowned makeup artists over the last 40 years. Distilled and adjusted for everyday life, these classes will also be live selling events so that you will have the tools to execute your new skills. Book the afternoon session by clicking here.

Evening Advanced Master Class with Sarah Wragge Wellness   – This will be a skincare masterclass focusing on the nighttime routine and will introduce tools and growth factors. This could be considered an advanced class for anyone looking to amp up their routine, but it is open to anyone who would like to learn. Book the evening session by clicking here.

**We kindly recommend you come to the class with a clean face or as little makeup as possible, as you will be washing your face in the Master Class.

KNOCKOUT BEAUTY is a store and skincare consultancy with locations in NYC, the Hamptons, and Los Angeles, and a franchise in Locust Valley, NY. All boutiques stock vetted products across all beauty categories. Each retail location has a highly skilled esthetician and an innovative results-driven esthetics program.

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Do You Want To Look, Forever Young?

I recently tried the BBL Hero Forever Young treatment at the amazing New York Eye and Face with Dr. Anais Carniciu. And it was a game changer.

BBL (BroadBandLight)  protocol utilizes multiple passes and a variety of filters to not only address sun damage and vascularity but also to reverse aging and greatly improve skin texture. A recent study by Stanford University published in the Wall Street Journal showed that after BBL Forever Young treatments, genes are actually being structured younger! Forever Young is also a highly effective age management tool that can be done on an ongoing basis.

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BBL® HEROdelivers light therapy to specifically address the signs of aging, including age spots, freckles, and sun damage.

BBL HERO treatment is a minimally evasive procedure that takes only a few minutes right in Dr. Carniciu’s office, removing unwanted pigmentation caused by sun damage and stimulating collagen production in the skin to improve the skin’s appearance and restore a youthful glow.

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BBL HERO Forever Young offers the Forever Young Face and Forever Young Body treatments. Both are designed to treat any areas of the face and body, including arms, legs, chest, and hands, that show noticeable signs of aging.

The primary goal of the BBL HERO is to fade the appearance of hyperpigmentation (like sun damage, age spots, redness, and more) while also improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin. This BBL Treatment accomplishes this goal by emitting intense pulsed light (IPL wavelengths) at a higher rate than other BBL treatments, making it one of the most efficient BBL available on the market today.

Best of all, the BBL HERO can do you head to toe in just 30 minutes, making it an incredibly convenient treatment for even the busiest individuals.

BBL HERO treatments work best on individuals who want to treat any of the following:

  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scarring
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dull or uneven skin tone
  • Rough or dry skin texture
  • Redness
  • Rosacea 
  • And more

The BBL HERO treatment is designed to work on most skin types and tones, quickly and relatively pain-free.


European Skin Care Right Here in Westchester!

I just experienced the most luxurious skin care treatment with European roots right here in Westchester.

The owner and esthetician of ELEGANCE Skincare Studio was born in Europe. She undertook three years of professional training in Esthetics at esteemed European beauty institutes, where skincare  is valued as a science. Later she applied her knowledge and gained valuable experience while working with demanding European clientele.

After moving to the United States, she continued to study Esthetics to learn about US skin care industry standards and to get licensed according to the US requirements. She graduated from Wellness Academy in Hawaii, famously known for its resorts and spas, where she studied  Asian massage and reflexology techniques.

Her experience in skin care is a unique blend of European scientific approach, and Asian relaxation techniques. Passionate about non-surgical skin transformation and enhancement, she has developed breakthrough treatments that incorporate the latest non-invasive technology, and highly effective European skin care products, that give exceptional results.

Here are some of the treatments you can choose from: But for more information or to book your own appointment click HERE. See you there!!

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