What’s In Your Beach Bag?

This week we are going to do some special posts.  I asked a bunch of very fashionable ladies to let us look inside their beach bags.   Our first Fashionista is Jean Voute, the woman behind the wonderful website and blog, Gift Girl Style.  Lets see what Jean keeps in her bag!

This season I’ll be carrying a Lance Woven metallic beach bag. I love this company! The bags are constructed so beautifully, they’re classic, and the metallic gives the classic a little Jeuge. I ALWAYS have a hat. I have very sensitive skin so I always have a hat and a ton of sunblock. For a blogger, having a camera handy is always a good idea. To keep me entertained while basking by the blue sea, I love a good Danielle Steele book. I know, I know,  it’s not very clever but who cares it’s decadent. I obviously always have my phone. I like to have a Mason Pearson brush, a little spritz, and some tinted lip balm just in case the beach turns into stopping for a casual dinner. Lastly, I try to remember to bring a change of clothes for my boys, because they ALWAYS end up complaining about feeling irritated by the sand in their suit. Other than that, a bit of money and a credit card and I’m good to go!

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