What You Need to Know About Custom Jewelry

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Custom jewelry makes a great gift and allows you to create something truly unique. But it can be more costly than off-the-shelf products. However, the endless combinations of precious metals and stones mean you can end up with a design that no one else in the world has.

How You Go About It

The road to a custom piece begins with a consultation. Your jeweler will go through any available options and explain the procedure. This is usually your design ideas which can be sketched, rendered in a CAD program, or modeled with wax. Some designers also use all three methods. Services like Blue Nile may also explain diamonds to you. See this Blue Nile review if you are considering using them. Finally, your jewelry will be cast and polished before finishing.

The Overall Costs

Because it isn’t standard, custom pieces can be quite a bit more expensive. You see, there is a lot more work involved throughout the process rather than just ordering a pre-made piece. So there are more costs to the jewelry service, which are then passed to you. However, the costs can be pretty much the same or even lower than store pieces depending on what you want. You won’t really know until you have gone through your requirements with your local jewelry maker.

How Long to Make Custom Jewelry?

Some jewelry can take longer than others, depending on the item you want. For example, an engagement ring takes between six and twelve weeks typically. But there are aspects of the piece that can make it take longer, especially if there is a complex or non-standard design. However, the overall time frame usually includes everything from start to finish. So from your consultation to design and molding, you can expect this all to be done within a specific range.

Metal and Stone Combinations

Anything is possible when it comes to custom jewelry designs. From cufflinks to engagement rings, you can have quality jewelers do anything you need. See a ring you love but don’t like gold? It can be as simple as asking for it in platinum. There are some caveats, though, as some designs are copyrighted and cannot be copied. But apart from that, you can have any design and combination of metal and stone you desire. Your jeweler will work with you on the design.

Inspiration Versus Copying

As mentioned, some designs are copyrighted, and this means a jeweler cannot legally copy a design and change parts of it. However, a talented jeweler can take inspiration from a piece and craft something similar to your liking. Standard designs can be copied, such as the halo style for a ring. But specific rings made by a brand are limited. Your jeweler will go through what they can and cannot do for you when it comes to the design. All you need to do is just ask them about it.


You go about getting custom jewelry by booking a consultation with a designer. It can take up to twelve weeks to make a custom piece, but less depending on the design. Additionally, you need to be aware that a jeweler cannot copy a piece from another brand but can take inspiration.

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