What to Expect During the Au Pair Placement Process – A Step-By-Step Guide

Show that you’re excited and interested in learning about the family and their lifestyle. Au pairs and host families are looking for more than just a babysitter or nanny; they’re interested in a cultural exchange.

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Fill Out an Application.

If you’re considering hiring an au pair, finding the right agency for your needs is essential. Some agencies have more experience than others and are better suited to helping families find the perfect match. Au Pair in America, for example, has been placing au pairs since 1989. It offers a user-friendly database with a searchable filter that makes it easy to locate candidates by everything from childcare experience to personality traits. Another agency, Expert Au Pair, offers a three-prong approach to matching au pairs with families. Families can browse the database, get assistance from a placement representative, and “reserve” up to three au pairs for a 72-hour exclusive interview. This way, families don’t have to worry about competing with other families to secure their favorite candidates.

Once you’ve chosen an agency, it’s time to complete your application. Most agencies use extensive application forms, interviews, and psychometric tests to ensure that au pairs are prepared for their host family responsibilities and can contribute to the program’s success. Some even require that applicants have a valid driver’s license, depending on their country of origin and driving history. It’s essential to ask the right questions in your interview to ensure that you and your candidate are on the same page about the expectations of your relationship.

Meet with a Placement Coordinator.

During the interview, both parties will get to know each other better. You can ask questions about the au pair’s family, friends, hobbies, and career plans. You can also discuss important issues such as pocket money, holidays, and working hours. In addition, you can discuss your expectations in the home, and if your au pair drive, talk about the car insurance arrangements.

It is best to meet in person, but a video call also works if you can’t. It is essential to determine if the personalities click. If the interview goes well, it will be easy to get along, and you may even feel a connection. However, only string someone along if it is the right match. This will only cause you and them stress.

Au Pair International has been around for a long time and offers competitive pricing (program fees are about $10,000, including formal training, transportation, and car insurance services). Their experienced team knows how to match au pairs with families. Their local representatives are available for support at all times. They serve a limited number of families at a time, which allows them to get to know each family well. Their smaller size as a business also means that the staff is more accessible and friendly. They are dedicated to ensuring that both au pairs and host families are happy.

Meet your Au Pair

You will meet her on a live video call once you find the au pair that meets your family’s needs. This is usually the time to discuss household responsibilities, rules, and other details that must be agreed upon.

During this interview, showing interest and excitement for the position is essential. This will help put the au pair at ease and let her see you’re also excited about having her in your home!

Asking lots of questions is also very helpful. For example, ask about the children she will be caring for, their ages, and what activities they enjoy. You can also ask if the au pair has any experience in this field or if she’s ever worked with kids before.

You should also discuss your expectations, how long she wishes to stay with you, and her goals for the au pair year. A clear understanding of each other is the best way to make the partnership work!

This is also the time to discuss unforeseen situations and how they would be handled. For instance, what if the children become sick, and you need her to stay home? Or what if you move house and she doesn’t feel comfortable with the new location? Having this discussion with your au pair early on can prevent future problems from arising.

Sign a Contract

Setting up a live video chat or phone call is essential once you have narrowed your list of potential au pairs. This is the best way to check whether you and the family click. Make sure to ask the family questions and let them know what your expectations are. For example, clarify the exact working hours and how many holidays they can take. It would help if you also discussed what tasks you expect from the au pair and when they should perform them. Specifying how much pocket money the au pair will receive once room and board are considered is also essential. Finally, you should agree on who will organize and pay for the language course.

Most au pairs are nervous at the interview, but it is essential to put them at ease. Start the discussion by complimenting them on their profile and asking about their experience. It is a good idea to make the conversation as natural as possible and use simple English words, especially if your candidate’s English could be better.

Once the interview has been concluded, you should send your chosen candidate a contract that includes all the points discussed during the consultation (pocket money, duties, hours, etc.). This contract should be signed by both parties and kept in a safe place for future reference.

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