Weekends Are For Billy and Pete’s!!!!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen me at Billy and Pete’s in Larchmont for dinner many weekend nights. I’ve gone with a group of couples for an outdoor dinner, my friends threw me a surprise bday dinner in one of their igloos in January, and Tom and I stopped by for a last-minute Saturday night dinner a few weekends ago. I have to honestly say, it is such a fun experience and the food and drinks are amazing too. If you have not been there yet, you really have to try. The Detroit pizzas are the best around, and the salads are huge and the choices are great. They have shishito peppers that are my favorite but they are really well known for their homemade donuts. Everyone I know who has been there raves about them. So much so that you can go to Billy and Pete’s and buy them on Saturday and Sunday mornings!!! Click HERE for the entire fab menu.

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The Legend of
Billy & Pete

Honest food, great drinks, amazing friendships…

We exist to serve up an analog antidote for the stresses and pretenses of modern life.

It’s time to take step off the treadmill and take a different path…and into a different era.

Back when Westchester was a different world from Manhattan.

When The Sound was the beach.

When cholesterol, gluten, and sodium were not invented yet.

When a little alcohol was the perfect complement to an evening or afternoon… or anytime.

Sometimes to take a step forward, we need to enjoy a few steps back…in time.

I asked Billy, the owner, for one of their great drink recipes. And how lucky….He sent me one for their popular for their Watermelon Sugar drink…..

2oz watermelon mint
.5oz Orange Liqueur
1.5oz fresh watermelon juice
Topped with Jones Lemon Lime craft soda

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