Weekend Real Estate Stalking

A few years ago, one of my closest friends, Leeann Leahy moved to Maine.  Let me explain the depth of this situation….this is a person I never lived more that a few miles from from the age of 11/12.  All throughout middle school, high school, college, New York City living, and then married life.  Can you imagine that…always in the same state for over 30 years???!!!!????  Then one day she gets this incredible job offer, and decides to move miles and hours away…Maine?  Really?  WAIT???? REALLY?   Well after my extreme sadness took over, amazing things started to happen for her.  And, I really could not be sad anymore…Just PROUD!!!!  She became CEO of that company that moved her.  Tons of amazing articles were written about her, like this one HERE, and FINALLY the beautiful house that she painstaking renovated was published in a magazine last week.  I HAD to share it with you!!  Way to go Leona!!!!
To read the entire feature on her home click HERE.

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