Want To Get Into The Hottest Spots In Town? Cita Marketplace Can Help!

It’s getting harder and harder to get into the city’s hotspots. Reservations seem few and far between. The Cita Marketplace is the answer to your hard-to-reserve prayers.

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It is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows you to buy and sell reservations at exclusive restaurants. And the best part is that Cita covers many cities outside of New York. So go ahead and book that table in Miami, LA, Boston even Paris at your convenience for when, what time, and how many you would like.

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Here is how it works:

  1. Find your perfect reservation
  2. Checkout: Use Apple Pay or enter your card details to checkout and purchase a reservation.
  3. Wait for reservation details: You will receive confirmation of your payment, and then a second email detailing the specific reservation details.
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