Tips To Help You Win on Black Friday

Cutting through the mire of offers, once-in-a-lifetime discounts and adverts is the trick to winning the day on Black Friday. 

Isn’t Black Friday a guaranteed win?

Although it can seem like a consumer’s dream, going in with a plan and making some reckless decisions can quickly turn Black Friday into a nightmare. The sheer buzz of marketing and promotions makes it easy to be sucked in to thinking you are getting the bargain of a lifetime. 

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But the reality is that unnecessary or borderline purchases can quickly cause a lot of financial stress. 

Going in with some composure and a sound plan can really help you win on Black Friday. 

Where to start

Sounds easy, but how do you really turn the tables on multi-billion-dollar retailers on Black Friday? 

First, don’t forget that retailers have the advantage of professional merchandisers and advertisers to pull you in. They also have sophisticated algorithms and data telling them what you buy, how you buy and when you buy. It’s David versus Goliath! 

But when you apply some simple tactics, you can take control. However powerful a firm’s advertising may be, you hold the purse strings until you hit the dreaded “confirm purchase button”, so use this advantage in your favor! 

Calm not crazy

Retailers thrive on whipping consumers into a spending frenzy on Black Friday. 

To combat this, whether you are shopping instore or online, make a good old-fashioned list! This is the most simple but effective way of avoiding rash decisions that can lead to untold stress and anxiety later in the month when you see the full extent of the damage. In short, stay calm and don’t let the retailers win.

If possible, formulate your plan over a period of 6-9 months before Black Friday. Jot down any new products you find yourself wishing you had on a regular basis. Also, write down any products that are beginning to show their age and causing you the hassle. This way you won’t be scrambling to remember everything when November rolls around. 

Shop around

Another feature of Black Friday is that retailers really want to avoid you shopping around. Websites are designed to be as sticky and enticing as possible. Tricks such as time-limited offers or low stock alerts are all designed to create urgency and impulse.

Put simply, ignore this. Shop around and see if the so-called unmissable price really is unmissable, or if it would be better to be missed. 

Another key thing to remember on Black Friday 2021 is to not cut corners on the normal research you would do. Especially for larger purchases of a few hundred dollars or more, make sure you check out some independent user reviews or Trustpilot ratings. 

Sometimes the best purchases are the ones you don’t make

If you are not sure about a product or how good the price is, walk away. It may feel disappointing at the time, but you will feel a lot better about it in the long run. There are always other sales – so keep your nerve!

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