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Stocking Stuffers

I am not sure if you ever visited my Amazon Storefront. It is a page where I showcase ALL of my amazon favorites!!! I have a section devoted to stocking stuffers and just today I ran into someone who asked me for some recommendations. Here are the links to shop all of the choices this year!!!

Stocking Stuffer Link #1

Stocking Stuffer Link #2

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Four Adult Birthday Party Ideas Your Need To Know In 2022

Birthday parties are such a lot of fun as a child, mainly because we don’t have to plan it for ourselves. As we grow into functional adults, some of us are lucky to have friends that love to plan our birthday surprise or party. However, for most of us, it is common to not want to celebrate because we’re feeling too lazy or overwhelmed by the notion of planning parties. There also comes the subject of splurging an unruly amount of money that many can’t afford today. These things can make your birthday a glum experience, which none of us desire. Instead, why not take up your limited budget and planning in the right direction and plan a great day? 

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  1. The traditional dinner with loved ones: Whether or not you love parties, nothing can beat spending time with the people you love most. It could be your family, friends, or even colleagues. Plan a traditional birthday dinner with a few choice dishes, a delicious birthday cake, and some drinks. If you need help making the evening a bit more fun, look up indoor games that you could play with your best pals to keep the night young.
  1. Gaming parties: Do you love to play arcade games? If the answer was a resounding yes, your perfect birthday party idea lies in gaming! Book one of these amazing adult birthday party places where you could go bowling, play pool, and many other games. Since these arcades have decent group packages, it shouldn’t be highly expensive to take your best friends along.
  1. Plan a getaway: Sometimes, people like to enjoy their space on their birthdays. If this is you, you could plan an impromptu getaway for yourself. Yes, this aspect of solo traveling may take some planning, but it will pay off! Whether you love the mountains or want to visit tropical beaches, make sure your pick and choose a location that brings you joy. Once you’re done with the bookings, get packed to embark on a great adventure. If you love to drive, a short road trip over the weekend would also be a great way to welcome another year.
  2. Karaoke evenings: Your love for music can also be converted into a birthday party idea. There are several karaoke pubs all over town that you could visit to serenade the night away. Mixed with great company and fun drinks, we assure you only amazing times lie ahead!
  3. Hit the club: Lastly, if you’re the adult that loves to dance the night away celebrating yet another year of greatness, make a plan to go club-hopping with your friends. Not only is this a lot of fun, but you also get to enjoy great music by some of the master DJs of the industry. 

Wrapping Up:

Growing up doesn’t mean that you stop celebrating the day of your first breath on this planet. According to us, that’s all the more reason to celebrate. Life is short, so we better make the most of it!

Just In Time For Chinese New Year…A Dumplings Pop-Up

A Dumplings pop-up is coming to The Outpost in Bedford this weekend. The Chinese New Year is February 1st. The year of the Tiger.

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The Outpost will be celebrating the Chinese New Year this weekend with a pop-up put on by the local experience designer and my good friend Andy Yu and his Partner GJ. They will be bringing their family recipes together with all organic ingredients to create an array of fresh dumplings.

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Chinese dumplings represent the essential parts of Chinese culture and are served at most traditional holidays. They will have 3 different types of dumplings (8 in a box) to preorder and pick up Saturday, Jan 22nd between 2-6 p.m.

You can choose from Classic Berkshire Pork with Chinese Cabbages, Organic Carrot wrap (orange) with turkey, and Spinach (green wrap) with Chinese vegetables (vegetarian). . And yes, and they will have some tastings as well. Call # 914-205-3900 to place your pre-order.

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Merry Christmas

In response to so many questions asking for a sneak peek of some of the decorations around here, I thought I would share a few photos with you. I def go way overboard for Christmas. I love love the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, so much so, that I watch them all year round, which is why I am not so great about discussing all of the shows that you all binge-watch!!!!! My absolute favorite all-time movie is The Holiday. I can literally watch it every night of the year. So when it comes to decorating…I have to go all out..I mean really all out. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our Holiday and I am wishing every single one of you the most joyous Christmas. Thank you all for showing up for me not only during the holidays but for every single day throughout the year!!! XO Nicole

IMG 3679
IMG 3697
IMG 3675
IMG 3684
IMG 3482
IMG 3696
IMG 3678
IMG 3664
IMG 3664
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IMG 0006
IMG 0005
IMG 3518
IMG 3677
IMG 3682
IMG 3695
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IMG 3680

Christmas Charcuterie

If you are looking for some festive ideas for your holiday celebrations, we have you covered. Here are some easy adorable charcuterie ideas. I really wanted to make the Christmas Tree Charcuterie but I was already given desserts for Christmas Eve so I was hoping one of you would make it and send me photos!!! I also love the snowman and shrimp wreath ideas. Next year I am claiming appetizers!!! Happy Eve before “THE EVE”! Bon Appetit!

Image Hickory Farms
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Image Pinterest

White Plains Holiday Market

Today I got to visit the White Plains Holiday Market with my friend Melissa of 914 Pop-Ups!!! The Holiday Market here in White Plains was Melissa’s brainchild last year and was a collaboration with the City of White Plains, the White Plains BID, and 914PopUps during the pandemic.

She wanted to mimic the ever-popular Bryant Park market and I have to say 2 years in….it is AWESOME and I think blows the others away and you don’t even have to travel into the city to get there. The market is in the center of White Plains on Court Street. (There is great parking). There are so many fabulous vendors, at least 56, the last time I checked. And the vendors are all so new, I have never seen many of them before! And almost 90% are local to Westchester, which is just amazing!!! I could not get to all of the vendor “sheds” today but I am going to go back on Monday and Melissa and I are hosting a shipping night and yummy dinner after at Greco. HERE is the Eventbrite link and the invite is below. And here are some photos from my visit but I need to do a follow-up because there are even more great vendors that I need to highlight soon!!!!

I love these shawls by April Marin. There were many great colors and patterns…

IMG 3316 1

The hand-blown ornaments from Poland by 1 Rudolph Place were so beautiful..Someone special is getting a little Chanel Bag for their tree!!!

IMG 3299 1

Muskies is a fab handmade bag company. You can choose many sizes and styles and customize it however you like. Such great gifts. They can sew it right there!!!!!

IMG 3311
IMG 3313 1

When and Where has the most amazing activewear. I bought their leggings for my girls but I love the outfit “completer” topper which they just made in a beautiful charcoal color!

IMG 3307
IMG 3308

You should just go for Lakeview florist. I bought the most beautiful mixed green arrangement in a white birch pot…but it was hard to choose because there were so many outstanding arrangements..all holiday!

IMG 3298 1

I love giving nice pens as gifts. I know my son would love one of these gorgeous art piece pens from Barry Gross. It is on my list for when I go back!!!

IMG 3310

One of NS Lifestyles favorites, Ilyses Pieces had a booth and WOW was her stuff as good as ever. I found some really pretty bangles for office gifts.

IMG 3305
IMG 3306

How good does everything look from the Flour Power Dessert Shop?

IMG 3297 1

Roadie Couture is my go-to for College Swag. I love all her designs and she promising some great Georgetown and other school stuff next week so get over there college moms and dads!!!

IMG 3300

Ok this Manor Sangra was out of control good…If you go for one thing…buy this for everyone on your list…TRUST ME!!!!

IMG 3296 1

GK Designs jewelery is always such a hit. There was the prettiest stone necklace with a small dangling diamond…it was drop dead gorgeous. I am going to be dreaming about it all month!!! Her new embellished jean jackets are so cute too. Great for tweens, teens and 20 sometings!!!

IMG 3294 1

I honestly have to say that I did most of my shopping for my girls and girlfriends at 3 Gems Unlimited. Anglea has the best eye and her designer inspired items are the best I have ever seen. There are going to be some very happy peeps this Christmas!!! Thank you Angela!

Screen Shot 2021 12 09 at 10.18.46 PM

I was running out of time but I needed to stop at The Twisted Branch to try thier gourment Oils (AMAZING) and Vinegars. They had the coolest oil “dipping” dish but my meter was out. I’ll be back for it soon!!!

IMG 3317 1
Screen Shot 2021 12 09 at 10.03.49 PM
IMG 3324 1

And don’t forget about our shopping and dinner…Here is the link to the Eventbrite.

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