Tips For Upgrading Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most essential spaces in a home. It is where you spend time keeping yourself clean, getting ready, and doing parts of self-care. Hence its maintenance and makeover are particularly important.

Bathroom remodels can cost you anything between $6,622 to $16,744, with a national average of $11,365 — about $70 to $250 per square foot. In Oklahoma City, prices can go up to $37,900 depending on what you aim for and the materials you choose, so expect to pay something substantially higher than the national average, even for the bare minimum.

Also, as the property prices in the City continue to grow, small upgradation moves in the houses, especially in bathrooms, can significantly increase the value of a property because buyers are often attracted to homes with modern bathrooms. 

So, if you’re also considering upgrading your bathroom, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Invest in quality bathroom fixtures

Bathrooms equipped with modern fixtures, stylish designs, and energy-efficient features transform the space’s overall look. Always invest in high-quality fixtures that are built to last. Choose faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures made from durable materials so they don’t get damaged or rust too soon. 

Consider your bathing preferences when selecting a bathtub or shower. Freestanding tubs, walk-in showers, or combination tub-shower units are popular choices. The drought in Oklahoma has made several residents complain about low shower pressure in the city, so consider shower replacement for better pressure. You can shop around for options for shower replacement in Oklahoma City and purchase something that fits the design you’re aiming for with the remodel. Getting professional help will save you a lot of hassle and thought as they custom-craft solutions for revamping your space. 

  1. Select appropriate lighting

Proper lighting is also essential in the bathroom. Consider natural lighting options like skylights or windows if feasible. This makes the entire space more spacious and bright. But if natural light is not an option, use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a well-lit space.

While figuring out the lightning options, always consider energy-efficient options like LED bulbs and install dimmer switches for added flexibility. Combining these lighting aspects allows you to create a beautifully illuminated bathroom that meets both your practical and aesthetic needs.

  1. Choose flooring and wall materials

Select flooring and wall materials that are durable, water-resistant, and visually appealing. Ceramic tiles, porcelain, or vinyl are popular choices for bathroom floors, while options like ceramic tiles, waterproof wallpaper, or moisture-resistant paint work well for the walls.

The best part about these materials is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Using ceramic tiles for walls adds a practical and stylish element, offering excellent water resistance and protection against moisture. 

  1. Upgrade to a quality toilet

Invest in a quality toilet that offers both comfort and water efficiency. Look for options with dual-flush mechanisms, soft-close lids, and advanced flushing technology for a clean, eco-friendly toilet experience. Be sure to buy something that doesn’t clog very often.

  1. Incorporate smart home technology:

Consider integrating smart home technology into your bathroom. Install motion sensor lighting that automatically activates when you enter the bathroom, providing instant illumination without the need to fumble for light switches. Similarly, voice-controlled devices can also bring a lot of oomph to your bathroom space as they allow you to control lighting and temperature and even play music with simple voice commands.

Programmable shower systems are also a great way to set and control water temperature, flow, and even pre-programmed shower routines, ensuring a personalized and comfortable bathing experience.

  1. Consider DIY options for simple upgrades

You may take the DIY route for smaller upgrades and cosmetic changes. There are so many ideas, from painting the walls to adding accessories like shelves or a new mirror can often be accomplished with basic tools and some guidance from online tutorials or home improvement books.

The good thing about DIY projects is that they allow you to have more control over the design of your space and enable you to give it a personal touch. However, it’s important to be realistic about your skills and limitations. Take the time to research and plan your project thoroughly to ensure you have the necessary tools, materials, and skills. 

  1. Ensure compliance with building codes and permits

If you’re opting for major structural changes, familiarize yourself with local building codes and regulations before starting. Determine if permits are required for the planned upgrades. Non-compliance can lead to fines or complications in the future. Consult with professionals or contact your local building department authority to ensure you meet all requirements.

  1. Choose stylish and functional accessories

Select stylish accessories that enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Consider items such as towel bars, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and shower caddies that align with your design style and provide practical solutions for storage and organization.

  1. Install mirrors for the illusion of more space

Mirrors not only serve a functional purpose, but they also create an illusion of more space in smaller bathrooms. Install a large mirror or a series of mirrors to reflect light and make the room appear larger and more open. Experiment with different shapes and frames to add a touch of style to the space.

  1. Add greenery and natural elements

Introduce greenery and natural elements to bring life and freshness to your bathroom. Choose plants that thrive in moist environments, such as ferns or bamboo, and place them strategically around the room.

Along with that, incorporating natural materials can enhance the organic feel of the space. Consider using seashells, pebbles, or driftwood to create a coastal or spa-like ambiance. You can use seashells as decorative accents, arrange pebbles in a vase or tray, or incorporate wooden accents through wall-mounted shelves or vanity countertops. 

  1. Personalize the bathroom with artwork and décor

Add a personal touch to your bathroom by incorporating artwork and décor that reflects your style and interests. Hang framed prints, photographs, or paintings that resonate with you. Consider adding decorative elements like scented candles, decorative baskets, or unique shower curtains to infuse personality into the space.


Upgrading your bathroom is an opportunity to create a functional, stylish, and environmentally conscious space. By making small changes, you can upgrade the entire look of your bathroom. For this, you can hire professionals who help you set up the entire space or do it yourself using DIY solutions. With attention to detail and thoughtful planning, your bathroom upgrade can create a beautiful oasis that enhances your daily routine and adds value to your home.

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