The Graduation Party I wish I Thought Of!!!

On this blog, I have written about my friend Leeann many times.. She is the one with whom, I have been friends with since middle school and a few years ago she moved to Maine for a HUGE career opportunity (even though all our lives, including college, we never lived apart for more than 45 minutes AT THE MOST from each other).

Well, Leeann is uber creative and pretty cool. She’s the type of person who calls Robert DeNiro, Bobby, and sat across a table from Lady Gaga, mentioning that they both went to Sacred Heart. She created a logo for her 50th birthday party and when building her house, designed a special DJ Booth for all future dance parties! The first time I saw it in action, I was honestly speechless!!! So when I saw the graduation party she threw for her daughter, Winnie, last weekend, I had to share…It was perfection and honestly I wish I had been as clever to have thrown it myself!!!!

All photos by the talented @digitalmacphotos

I love the bamboo place settings and navy cloth napkins…and notice the custom logo designed for the party!! And do not forget to check out the menu…5 families got together and provided all the food themselves….

DSC 0841

The Farm To Table theme was perfection. The chambray runners were perfect with the gorgeous paper flower centerpieces with pearl and gemstone centers made by Susan McNeil, @petals.susan. She ships nationwide and her bouquets are fabulous. Def. on my mind for future gifting….

DSC 0834
DSC 0832

Leeann made sweet tea and served it in individual mason jars chilled on ice..

DSC 0858

How fabulous are these?…Half orbs made completely from paper flowers at each of the graduate’s places in their college colors, which will also become a keepsake that they can bring with them next year to their college dorm rooms.

DSC 0849

Now for my favorite part, look at this academic-themed giant candy bar…each selection of candy was cleverly named and labeled. See below, animal crackers “teacher’s pets”, $100 grand bars “college debt“, tootsie rolls “honor roll”, gummy worms, “book worms”, smarties “smartypants”, ring pops, “class rings”, etc etc. LOVE IT ALL!!

DSC 0864
DSC 0865

And lastly look at this incredible light show that she did for the dance floor with a combination of LED lights, paper lanterns, professional lighting, and of course in true Leeann style a huge disco ball. What a party...Leeann, I hope you plan my next one!!!

IMG 2624
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