The Ferryman – The Best New Play of The Year

Have you heard about the new play The Ferryman?  The reviews are incredible.  It is being toted as the best play of 2018.  It won 10 major London awards and it has come to Broadway… a New York Times BEST CRITIC PICK.  We have a bunch of Orchestra seats for the 7:00pm show on March 26th.  You are not going to want to miss this!!!!  The tickets are $130 each.  EMAIL ME to reserve your spot!!!
Here is the story:
The Ferryman is set in Northern Ireland in 1981, during the height of the Troubles. Quinn, a former terrorist, has swapped his career with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) for a life on the farm in rural Armagh. He now lives with his sickly wife, their children, his sister-in-law and nephew. The IRA murdered Quinn’s brother, Seamus, when he was just twenty years old and his body has only recently been discovered. He was one of the sixteen men and women who were killed and buried in unknown locations during the 1970s, leaving their family unsure as to whether they were alive or dead. Seamus was apparently shot dead following Quinn’s defection from the IRA in 1972, and a threateningly influential IRA member, Muldoon, now comes to pay Quinn a visit. He is keen to ensure that there are no further repercussions to the IRA’s cause, now Seamus’ murder has come to light.

Here is a short scene from this amazing play:

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