Tea Time

One of the best outings I have had recently was tea at Laduree in New York.  The tea rooms at Laduree mimic those found in Paris.  The menu is amazing.  You can get a delicious pot of tea, there are so many flavors to choose from (see below) and a plate of their pastries.  The Madison location has only a few tables (thats where we went) and is very intimate but the soho location is much bigger and can accomodate larger groups.  I cannot wait to try tea there next.  Also the menu is quite extensive so you can choose your tea time as elaborate, with tea sandwiches and croissants, or as simple, tea and one or two macarons, as you want.  Trust me YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!  You will LOVE it!!!!

Here is the AMAZING Tea Menu
Thé Mélange Spécial Ladurée

Delicate composition of black teas from China and Sri Lanka and rose petals, with aromas of orange, bergamot, blackcurrant, vanilla, cinnamon and caramel
Thé Marie Antoinette

Mix of black tea from China with rose petal, citrus and honey
Thé Mathilde

A marriage of green tea and Chinese black tea with orange blossom
Thé Joséphine

A Chinese black tea wrapped in tangerine, grapefruit, orange and lemon, delicately enhanced by a ring of jasmin flowers
Thé Chéri

Delicate blend of black tea, cocoa, caramel and vanilla
Thé Eugénie

A Chinese black tea mingled with red fruits (strawberry, raspberry, cherry and redcurrant)
Thé Jardin Bleu Royal

China and Sri Lanka black tea blend with wild strawberry, rhubarb and cherry aromas, scattered with cornflowers and marigold petals
Thé Othello

An Indian black tea with a spicy footprint of cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and ginger
Thé à la Rose

Black China tea and Ceylon scented with rose
Thé à la Vanille

Darjeeling and Assam tea scented with Madagascar vanilla
Thé au Caramel

Black China tea and Ceylon scented with caramel and flowers
Thé aux Amandes

Black China tea and Ceylon scented with almonds
Thé Oolong à la fleur d’Oranger

China tea scented with orange blossom
Thé Oolong à la Violette

China tea scented with violet

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