Taking You Into “The Fashion Department”

One of my favorite podcasts is The Fashion Department with Stylist Tina Broccole. Tina’s podcast promises to explore the world of fashion and how it informs all aspects of life from dress to lifestyle to food and to travel. I have been a guest on the podcast 2 times and love working with Tina. I was able to sit down with her and ask her a few questions about her background in fashion and her show. You can listen to The Fashion Department by clicking HERE.

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Tell us about your background in fashion?

I worked as a mens/women stylist, window dresser, and retail merchandiser for an upscale department store for 9 years. I started free lancing in my spare time and that grew into a personal styling business. 

What prompted you to start your podcast?

I had a successful radio show for 12 years that was hyper-local to Greenwich CT. The transition to podcasting was a natural evolution of the radio show allowing me to extend my reach to a much wider audience   

What is the primary focus of the episodes?

The primary focus of each episode ranges from style trends to the business of fashion.

How do you find guests?

Guests are usually from a network of fashion industry friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Do you have any ice breaker questions for your guests to kick off the conversation?

I usually discuss show topics with my guests beforehand that way they are prepared and ready to jump right into the show

How do you come up with the questions for your guest?

Part of my pre-taping process is researching and talking to each guest to learn about them and share with my listeners 

How much research do you do to familiarize yourself prior to the interview?

A bit of research is done for each guest but most of the time I will have conversations prior to taping as it will shape the questions and topics we discuss 

How would you describe your podcast in 3 words?

Informative, Fun, Savvy

Did you have one particular guest that you found the most interesting?  Surprising?

The most interesting guests are those who give us insight into their professional world, they are great storytellers and love to share their passions with me

Whats the best thing about hosting a podcast?

The best thing about hosting a podcast is connecting + sharing. I get to connect with incredibly talented people and then share that with my listeners. 

How does your pod cast help your business?

Podcasting is just part of my business in addition to styling as it is a stream of revenue that supports my brand. It allows people to listen, watch, read, or shop under one umbrella which is TinaBroccole.com

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start a podcast?

My advice is to think about what you want to share, and what excites you, and then just start. It doesn’t have to be perfect, the beautiful thing about starting something new is you will learn and grow as you gain experience. You will get better each time, and you will be able to hear your progress as time goes on. 

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