Surviving The Flu Season – 5 Tips That Work

Winter is not just about fun and festivities. It is also the official cold and flu season, so you have to be extra conscious about your health. The pandemic makes it even more crucial as you cannot let your guard down. The best bet is to double up on safety measures to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus and every other virus around. Make sure you take ordinary germs seriously because sickness lowers your immunity. Thankfully, you need not do a lot to survive the flu season. Here are some actionable tips you can rely on.

Bolster your immunity with the right lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle gives you a head start with beating the blues of the flu season. It begins with a balanced diet comprising warm, fresh, and nutritious foods. Pick seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and probiotics. Avoid sugar and processed foods as they can disrupt gut health and make you sick. Physical activity also boosts your immune system. Work out with thirty minutes of moderate activity at least thrice a week. 

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Stay warm inside and outside

Warmth is your best defense against cold and flu, so make sure you are warm inside and outside. Wear ample clothing to keep the cold wind at bay. Covering your hands, feet, and head is important. Avoid going outdoors unless it is necessary. Warm drinks like coffee, tea, and broth are good for avoiding colds. You can double up your defenses by sipping herbal teas and immunity-boosting concoctions. 

Keep up with your vaccination schedules

According to experts, the single best way to avoid getting sick during the season is to get your flu shot each year. Everyone must have their vaccinations, but it is crucial for pregnant women, children, the elderly, and immuno-compromised individuals. Early autumn is the best time for vaccination, though it is not too late if you miss it. Check with your healthcare provider to ensure that you get a vaccine that covers you against the currently active strains. 

Avoid stress and insomnia

Immunity does not depend only on food, exercise, and vaccines. Stress and inadequate sleep can hit it hard. Measures like meditation, deep breathing, and aromatherapy can help you steer clear of stress. The holidays coincide with the flu season, and late nights are common. Make conscious efforts to clean your sleep schedule during the season. Avoid staying up too late, ditch your gadgets, and follow optimal sleep hygiene.

Fight germs with good hand hygiene

Keeping flu at bay is also about fighting germs, and you can do it with good hand hygiene. Following the hand-hygiene rules are easier than ever as you will probably be habitual with frequent hand washing and sanitizers by now. Also, clean the surfaces and avoid high-touch zones as much as possible. The habits can double up your safety against COVID infection as well. 

Surviving the flu season is not as daunting as you imagine. You have to do your bit to ditch the germs around and enhance your immunity. A strong immune system will do the rest. 

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