Sting and Peter Gabriel

Last night, my friend Alicia and I saw Sting and Peter Gabriel in concert at Madison Square garden.  It was really amazing.  Sting has still got “it” and Peter’s voice was as magical as I remember it being, when I would play my CD’s in high school.  The concert has been getting rave reviews from all outlets.  I have seen Sting a few times before and he never disappoints.  His energy on stage is addicting.  I am hoarse today from singing so much and so loud.  There are a few more upcoming dates in this area.  If you can, you should try to make one of them.  Click HERE for ticket information.

Set List

It was great to see the “Englishmen in New York”:

But I have to say that “Don’t Give Up” was one of our Favorites….Don’t Give Up my amazing readers!!!

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