Something Wonderful Can Happen Just About Anywhere

I decided to forgo Fall Fashion today or a hearty family-friendly recipe in order to share an amazing thing that happened to me tonight.  I know we are all stressed with the never-ending obligations upon us.  Perhaps you are having a bad week, or month or year even.  Did that great deal just fall through? Is the election getting to you?  Are you just so disappointed with the candidates that you cannot stop taking about it or is it a combination of everything?  I am urging you to just take the time to step back and breathe.  I had been running around most of this week, feeling that it really never ends.  I stopped to get gas at 9, yes 9:00 P-M.  I still had one more stop afterward and I was so ready to just throw in the towel.  As I was standing at the pump, a car pulled in with the loudest music blasting.  I just kept thinking he must have the worst hearing.  Everyone at the gas station froze as if not knowing what really to do.  Someone walked around to see who was disturbing our pumping peace.  All of a sudden, one of the men started dancing next to his car and then someone else joined.  The employees of the little shop came out to watch.  The man next to me started singing.  I looked around and stepped back.  It did not matter that we were all strangers or where we were from or where we were going.  No one saw color, or gender or even age.  The entire group of people at the gas station at that moment in time were all enjoying themselves and this song brought everyone together for just those few fleeting moments.  It was a beautiful thing for me and my daughter to see.   I was sad to leave but off to CVS we had to go…back to reality!!!!!!!  BTW Here is the song…I will always be brought back to this night from now on, when it plays!!!!!!!

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  1. AGP | 30th Sep 16

    Love this post NS!

  2. Unknown | 30th Sep 16

    That is awesome – thank you for sharing!!!

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