Something Important To Me…..

Through this blog, I feel like I share pretty much everything about me and my life with my readers. But I was discussing something with some friends last week and thought…not a lot of people know this about me…and it’s time to share…..I love nuns.  They are my peeps..I have been pretty much been educated by nuns my entire life.  And, at least for me, a nun is the closest to what God here on earth might be like.  I have always been obsessed I mean REALLY obsessed with nuns.  For years, I have stopped dead in my tracks when I see a nun in full habit and literally gasp.  I am in awe of their faith and strong beliefs.  I have visited many many holy places and seem to be so lucky to come in contact with nuns from all over.  One day, I started taking photos of them.  Just for me, sometimes to send to friends…  Mostly to keep for inspiration or a reminder of my faith when I need it.  I love looking back at the photos.  Friends also send me photos…which I love too..I really wanted to share some of them with you.  Regardless of your religion I hope you just take a moment to indulge me.  Oh and if you do see a nun in a special place, please please please snap a photo and send it to me.

St Patrick’s Cathedral NYC 
Sacre Coeur Paris

Westchester Country Club

A friend took this in Italy.  I think she is cleaning…

Madison Square Garden!!!

I think this was outside Port Authority…..

This was sent to me…I think from the Sister’s of Charity newsletter!!! I wonder what they are singing…

St Patrick’s Day Parade NYC

Also sent to me..I wish I knew where this was….the cutest basketball game ever!!!!

And of of my favorite nuns of all time!!!

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