Say No To Faux

As you are getting ready for Holiday decorating, there is one rule I hope to pass onto you is say NO to FAUX.  Flower arrangements these days are so easy to create.  As my friend Eddie Ross once told me, anything goes, so you can basically throw weeds in a vase and you have a sytlish arangement.  Faux flowers are totally out of place in a well put together home.  As a rule of thumb, I avoid any fake natural elements, flowers, trees, plants, pumpkins, fruits, ANYTHING.  Trust me I have been tempted.  Even orchids are so inexpensve these days that you can easily switch them out when they start to diminish (however they do last sooo long).   I have put together a bunch of simple arrangments for you.  Whole Foods and Trader Joes are an amazing resouces for inexpensive flowers and greens, of all types, and they are constantly changing their selection.  But most supermarkets and home depots have ever expanding floral sections.  Happy Arranging!

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