Santa’s Good List..all around the house…

I became obsessed with vintage Santa mugs a few years ago when I saw them being used for hot chocolate in a Christmas ad. Then I started to notice them all over during the holiday season. Each year I would search on Etsy or eBay for some of my own. So far I have found mugs, ice buckets, pitchers, creamers all with vintage Santa faces. They have become so popular that I now see them in so many Christmas vignettes all over Pinterest, Instagram, and online magazine spreads. I think Etsy has some of the best selection and in the best condition, see the current assortment HERE. In the meanwhile here is some of my inspiration for holiday decorating with vintage Santas.

Image Julie Killian
image Better Homes & Gardens
image Pottery Barn
image Vintagemagnoliahome
mage Cottageatthecrossroads
Image Totallytikaa
Image totallytikaa
Image Lizmarieblog

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