Regain Your Shape!!!!

There are so many shapewear companies out there..I feel like Spanx really took over the market with their products.  Over the years, I bought lots of Spanx.  And after Gwyneth wore 2 to the Oscars, many friends, myself included started doing the same!!!!! But Spanx never really worked for me… I don’t like the material and I really don’t like the fit..BUT I love shapewear and I definitely need it, especially for certain dresses/outfits.  I came across a company, Shapellx Best Shapewear!!! on Instagram, you know one of those “click here” to buy ads and I immediately purchased one of their products and I love it.. It does not roll down, it lays flat under all materials and it is not clingy (I always thought the Spanx material was too clingy).  The product that I purchased really does slim down your entire body.  It’s incredible.   On the site, you will see that everything is mostly HIGH compression, which means it really sucks you in!!!!!  They also have a list where you can choose your “control” area. I find the site very easy to use!!!

Ultimately, I decided to write a post about shapewear because I did get a few questions about which style to buy and how to choose which piece is right for you.  Basically, it is best to stick to your regular size, so that the garment fits just right (Here is their sizing help chart…sooo helpful).  If you want to minimize your thighs get a pair of footless tights or biker short style.  For smooth lines around the torso, get something with a high waist or a waist trainer for women and for all-over shaping (my favorite!!!!!) choose a bodysuit or these thong shapewear bodysuits!!!

So are you ready to nip and tuck your body?  Here are links to some of their best sellers!!!

Here are the Shapellx best shapewear pieces

I have also been asked about waist and body trimmers, where you train your body to get smaller by wearing these a few hours a day!!!! I have never tried any of these, but sign me up!!!!

Shapellx also has a full line of flattering leggings and workout 

This is the shaper that I bought and it’s really really good!!!

And lastly the the sooo popular thong shapewear bodysuits!!!!

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you. I only feature things that I truly love and I hope you do too!!!
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