PXG New Rochelle to Host Free “Yoga for Golfers” Session with Westchester-Based Yoga Instructor Cindy Fritz

PXG has announced a special event exclusively for golf enthusiasts – a free yoga session for golfers, guided by the popular Westchester yoga instructor Cindy Fritz of Cindrew Sanctuary. This interactive event, tailored specifically to enhance a golfer’s performance, will be held at PXG’s New Rochelle location at 100 Nardozzi Place.


Event Details:

Location: PXG, 100 Nardozzi Place, New Rochelle, NY

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 21st at 5:30 PM

Instructor: Cindy Fritz

Cost: Free

Registration: http://tinyurl.com/pxgnryoga 

In the one-hour session, Sanctuary will demonstrate and guide golfers through a series of movements designed to help: 

  • Improve balance in both mind and body
  • Enhance core stability
  • Increase range of motion providing more flexibility in the spine
  • Build awareness of muscular imbalances
  • Improve mental focus

Cindy Fritz is a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor and will bring a decade of experience as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this session. Trained at Quest Yoga Arts in Mt. Kisco, she began her teaching career by developing a ‘Wellness in the Workplace’ program while working as a mid-level manager for a large insurance company. She also teaches Kids, Chair, and Restorative Yoga and recently completed her meditation training, further enriching her holistic approach to wellness.

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Fritz’s teaching style focuses on mindfulness and alignment, integrating breath with dynamic movement. Known for encouraging playfulness and curiosity in her classes, she specializes in private, couples, and corporate yoga programs. Together with her husband, Andrew, a Reiki Master and Numerologist, they co-founded Cindrew Sanctuary Healing Arts & Practices in South Salem, NY. 

This free yoga session at PXG New Rochelle is an excellent opportunity for golfers to experience how Fritz’s approach to yoga can enhance their golf game, focusing on improved balance, core stability, and mental focus – essential elements for both golf and daily life.

Participants should bring their yoga mats or a large towel and are encouraged to reserve their spots quickly as spaces are limited. For more information and registration, visit http://tinyurl.com/pxgnryoga  

About PXG:

PXG is committed to providing outstanding golf equipment and apparel, standing at the forefront of innovation, performance, and style in the golf industry. PXG continues to offer exceptional experiences and products for golfers at every skill level. Learn more at www.pxg.com  

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