Powder Gel Manicure

I noticed a few bloggers that I collaborate with have the best manicures.  I asked them about it and they all told me that they get gel manicures but not just the regular gels, powder gel manicures.  I was impressed.  In every photo, their nails are always perfect.  I have tried regular gel manicures in the past and they really don’t work for me. My nails peel within the week and never look great.  I decided to give the powder gel a try.  The label says it is the 21 day manicure.  I definitely can get the powder gel to last over 2 weeks but I’m still waiting to hit the 21 day mark.  But still not bad and my nails look awesome…better than they ever have.  And the damage to my nails have been much less than the gel manicures in the past.  Now I hope I can keep it up…Here is the procedure:

To apply, you first need to use a bond polish to the whole nail to make sure the color sticks, followed by a base coat to 3/4 of the nail. Next, dip your nail into a primer-like natural powder, then do another coat of the bond. After that, you dip your nail into the powder color of your choice and tap off the excess powder, then apply another coat of the base, and do another dip into the powder. Finally, brush on one last coat of the base and let your nails air dry. 

I’ve been getting my powder nails done at Tiffany Nails on the Post Rd in Rye (across from Jerry’s) but most local nail places do the powder gel.  It costs about the same as a regular gel manicure.  I use color P38 (color numbers may vary), which is the closest to Ballet Slippers.  Bon Weekend!!!!

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