Poolside Looks and Beyond from Stylist Lisa Sher Chambers

Step into a world where style meets sophistication, where the shimmering allure of poolside glamour seamlessly transitions into the elegance of a dinner soirée. Join renowned luxury stylist Lisa Sher Chambers and her niece, the enchanting beauty guru Carly Smith, as they unveil the artistry behind crafting the perfect poolside-to-dinner looks. With their unparalleled expertise and a dash of creativity, they illuminate how effortless sophistication can elevate every moment, from leisurely lounging under the sun to the refined ambiance of an evening dining experience. Welcome to a realm where fashion and beauty converge, curated by two visionaries who redefine luxury with every stitch and stroke. To contact Lisa for a consultation or for more information about her services, click HERE!

What are some trending colors and patterns for poolside this summer?

Get ready to make a splash this summer with anything but beige! Taking cues from Palm Royale and Palm Beach, bright, bold patterns in geometrics and florals are everywhere, injecting a sense of excitement into your poolside fashion. Mix them together for one cohesive look with the same undertones or go for a color block or tonal bold print like Dries Van Noten! Sheers on the beach are elegant and sexy with a hint of allure but no trashiness. Almost alternatively, maxi sheer dresses cover up a bathing suit beautifully and are not that different from what we have seen in the pantless runway trends! For anything beach or pool-related, Cult Gaia never disappoints. While known more for crochet looks, Cult Gaia beach robes can easily be worn as a midi or maxi dress, adding a trendy twist to your poolside ensemble. 

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Can you recommend some versatile cover-up options that seamlessly transition from poolside to brunch or a beachside dinner? 

For a versatile and practical option to take you from pool or beach to brunch, consider anything crochet this summer. While it may not always be the best choice for a formal dinner, it’s perfect for almost anything else. Brands like Cult Gaia, Heidi Klein, and Bananhot offer beautiful sets and dresses that can be worn as sheer dresses over a one—or two-piece swimsuit, seamlessly transitioning from poolside to other occasions. PatBo also makes gorgeous swimwear, cover-ups, and beachy dresses for any invitation that comes your way. Because resort wear is their main focus, you will undoubtedly find something that suits your needs. 

Beach to dinner and early to bed is my favorite way to approach summer days! Making the most of daylight hours in Slinky lurex by Oseree or Missoni works well for the day into the evening. A plunging one-piece swimsuit by Yves Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello transitions an elegant sunbathing look into a sexy halter top when paired with white jeans or a bright-print maxi skirt.

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Even black sheers (if the temps aren’t too high) look elegant, and a pair of heels or elegant sandals with a black one- or two-piece swimsuit makes a dramatic statement. Jade Swim makes relatively inexpensive sheer black shirt dresses and shirts that look elegant from day to evening. You can feel confident in the elegance and versatility of this choice. 

Are there any must-have statement pieces or designer items that instantly elevate a poolside look?

Try pairing your print cover-up dress with a matching print bag. I recently scored a vintage print Dior bag that matched a dress I already have in my closet. Also, most luxury brands make totes that work well for business carry-alls and the beach. Oversized totes like the large Dior book tote work much better casually than in the corporate world. Still, the medium-sized totes by Givenchy, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, and even Hermes make an ultra-luxe statement while carrying your laptop and other business necessities. Chanel has a beach tote complete with a matching towel and pouch for your items every year for a super luxe beachside look that will have all heads turning. As these are strictly beach/pool items, you can enjoy wearing them year after year for mid-winter beach vacations or all summer. One caveat: they are hard to locate in the boutique, so opt for resale like this one at TheRealReal

What shoes do you recommend for a chic beach look, even on the sand?

I love the super flat slip-on slides by Prada, Dior, and Hermes; however, as a person of tiny stature, I always love a great wedge heel in a relatively indestructible material like these Marshmellow wedges I discovered by Givenchy. They add an instant and seemingly comfortable 4.3-inch platform and heel. 

What hair and makeup trends complement poolside fashion for a polished yet effortless appearance? 

My beauty guru and niece, Carly Rae Smith, who works for Sephora in Trumbull, has been passionate and knowledgeable about beauty and products for years. She helped me with this guidance, and trust me, she is an expert! My one additional suggestion is Fiona Franchimon’s No. 1 Hairpins for quick, easy updos that won’t break fragile hair. Don’t leave home without a bunch of those in your bag! 

Mascara: Better Than Sex Foreplay Primer by Too Faced, followed by Better Than Sex waterproof mascara for lashes that withstand even a day on a jet ski with no streaks!

Skin: Too Faced Tinted Sunscreen provides solar protection and an even skin tone

Extra skin glow: Caliray’s Cheek and lip tint 

Curly hair: Ouai Wave spray gives curly hair a natural look but doesn’t feel crunchy when in the water.

Slick back ponytail: JVN Air Dry Crème controls flyaways combined with Bed Head Tigi Slick Back Stick ensures a full day of polished hold

Messy Beach Bun: Kerastase gold elixir hair oil makes a messy bun easy to do while holding the hair in place

New Tinted Sunscreens to try:  Kosas Dream Beam in Sunlit (shade)

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