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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Margherita Blanc (see link below) of PB Travel.  I was so impressed with, not only her travel expertise, but the wonderful items she and her associate, Martha Muguerza, were able to curate for their company PB Travel.  The company was founded based upon the research and belief that today’s travelers have “heightened needs for a personal sense of comfort, security and hygiene.”  The PB website is chock full of fun and cool travel accessories, and luxury items, including a fabulous limited edition jewelry line.  The horn necklace, featured below, is one of my favorites!!!!   The “MyBunjee” cell phone holder is a great gift for girls and boys of all ages to attach their phone to their backpacks, or to use while skiing, skateboarding, boating or running!!  No more broken screens!!!  Or to keep from losing your phone at the bottom of your bag.  The “Grid-It” organizer is great to hold all your electronic gadgets and accessories.  It is perfect not only for air travel, but to keep in your briefcase while commuting or running from class to class on campus.  How about their bright initial luggage tags, the perfect thing to spot your luggage among all the black suitcases on the carousel.  The list goes on and on.  The site is a great place to hunt for stocking stuffers and unique and oh so useful gifts, for those who really do have everything.  To visit the PB Travel website, click HERE.

Margherita’s interview on Up To The Minute with Nicole:

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