Packing 101

Boy do I dread packing…I dread weighing my bags as well…honestly the only thing worse than weighing yourself is having your stuffed bags weighted at the airport.  I am always praying we do not hit 50 lbs.  This past summer I had and epiphany….I was watching Instagram stories and as all these influencers were going on summer holidays, out came their packing cubes.  I messaged one of my favorite bloggers Being Bridget and she told me to roll my clothes and place them in packing cubes..I immediately went on Amazon and purchased these.  Now everyone in my family uses them and you cannot imagine how streamlined our packing has become.  Oh and don’t worry about wrinkles…I never seem to get them…but if I do happen to have a piece that needs some extra TLC A few sprays of this does the trick!!!!

How To Pack Packing Cubes!!!!
  1. Layout and sort the clothes that you would like to bring.  I like to keep pants and tops in one, dresses in another and pajamas and underwear in another.
  2. Roll each piece.  Place horizontally in the cube.  Slightly push  each piece of rolled clothing to the side (this will allow for you to fit more rolled pieces in each cube). 
  3. Zip up cube and move onto the next.
  4. Place filled cubes in suitcase and Viola…

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