New Year’s Eve Dressing

It’s that time of year again….New Year’s Eve festive dressing time!!! Here is an awesome round-up of great outfits!! It’s your time to shine……

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  1. These are my go-to sandals. They are perfect with all outfits, jeans, white jeans, long and short dresses.
  2. How cute are these feather pants?
  3. I love this sequin blouse!!
  4. I have these multi-colored sequin earrings. They are so festive!
  5. This gold dress is fabulous!!!
  6. This cardigan with jeweled buttons is fabulous!!
  7. I tried this bow dress on and it could not be cuter!!
  8. I love these red earrings.
  9. And these pearl drops too!
  10. I have been looking for platform gold sandals forever!
  11. I bought this top and it’s amazing. I wore mine with leather pants!!
  12. This is the sweetest top!!
  13. I also love this green dress.
  14. The perfect pair of velvet pants.
  15. I also love this top…..the gold and pink combo is sooo pretty…
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