New Apple Phone Release: What We Know so Far

The When…

Since Apple is quite secretive about its releases, details for the upcoming 13th generation of iPhones come from leaks and speculation. Over the years, there have been some reliable sources for leaks. Looking historically at when Apple released its new generation of phones, it would be reasonable to assume that the 13th generation will be announced towards the end of 2021. The new Apple phone release is estimated to be announced sometime in late September. Some industry experts even gave their best guesses, assuming that the next generation of iPhones will be released towards the end of September. As the months go by, more details can be expected in the form of leaks and the form of an event announcement from Apple.

What to Expect

The lack of a mid-cycle refresh may imply a considerable boost in performance and camera quality from the upcoming generation of iPhones. There is a certain degree of debate between experts. Some believe that the next generation will be the refresh and could be the iPhone 12S. Other experts expect an entirely new generation of iPhones. A refresh would imply that Apple would be using the same design but with updated hardware and an updated iOS. A new generation would imply a completely new design that would set it apart from the current generation of iPhones.

A realistic expectation is to see a slight price spike for the next generation of iPhones. The new Apple phone release is estimated to take place following the announcement that the mmWave 5G technology will be implemented across the world. The new 5G technology should make smartphones more expensive. Similar to how the iPhone 12 had a price spike compared to the 11th generation, the same can be expected from the 13th generation of iPhones. At the same time, the 12th generation of iPhones might have a price drop right after the announcement, which will make them a reasonable purchase for the ones who are looking for a good deal, especially if they are long overdue for an upgrade.

In terms of hardware, the upcoming new Apple phone release is wrapped in mystery. The only thing known is that Apple will be using a 120Hz display and a more powerful chipset. Some sources state that the iPhone will be getting an under-display fingerprint sensor, similar to what Samsung introduced for their 10th generation of Galaxy flagship smartphones.

Another leak revolves around cameras. For the new Apple phone release, experts are estimating an upgraded ultra-wide camera with an f/1.8 aperture and a 2.5x optical zoom.


The upcoming generation of iPhones will be arriving with iOS 15. iOS 15 includes several improvements for FaceTime which should allow Android users to join calls. There will be improvements for messages, photo management, maps, a new weather app, and more. More details will surface as the new Apple phone release date approaches.

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