Never Fear..You Can Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer


The other day I needed bleach, I was out and I like to go over my floor with a drop or two of bleach in the cleaning solution. I have little dogs and I like to keep everything germ free. I have to tell you, bleach is sold out at a lot of places. I texted my friend Betsy about this discovery and she said “there is no Purell either anywhere” WAIT, WHAT!!!!!!! How do these people know to stockpile this stuff and we didn’t? Besty was right….NOT ONE SINGLE BOTTLE OF HAND SANITIZER ANYWHERE!!!! Are we going to be the only ones who get the Virus because we don’t have any HAND SANITIZER? DO NOT WORRY>>>>>>>>>we are going to able to make our own. It’s very easy, everything is readily available and it is very effective…

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Gather your ingredients. This sanitizer closely emulates the commercial kind, without all the chemicals and without the bad smell. Hand sanitizer should not replace hand washing; just use it when you really need it. Here’s what you’ll need:

Mix the alcohol and aloe vera gel in the bowl. Pour the ingredients into the bowl and use the spoon to mix them together well. The mixture should be completely smooth.[2]

If you want the solution to be thicker, add another spoonful of aloe vera.

Or thin it out by adding another spoonful of alcohol.

Add the essential oil. Add it one drop at a time, stirring as you go. After about 8 drops, smell the mixture to see whether you like the scent. If it seems strong enough, stop there. If you like a stronger scent, add a few more drops.[3]

Lavender, clove, cinnamon and peppermint essential oils have the added benefit of providing additional antiseptic properties to the mixture.

If you don’t like these scents, it’s fine to use whatever scent you enjoy. Lemon, grapefruit and passion fruit all work well.

Funnel the mixture into the container.
 Place the funnel over the mouth of the container and pour the hand sanitizer in. Fill it up, then screw on the lid until you’re ready to use it.[4]

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