Need A Better Night’s Sleep? Try Somnvie.

Our Blog Sponsor Susanne Carroll recently introduced me to Somnvie luxury linens and how to a get a good night’s sleep!!

The mission of Somnvie is to sleep better and live better. They offer a variety of unique products, made in the U.S., that will suit personal preferences and individual needs to get a better, more luxurious night’s sleep. Here is some of the company info below but to learn more, visit Susanne’s site HERE.

Somnvie’s five steps to a more restful sleep

TOUCH An unrivaled collection of quality Sheet Sets, Pillow Cases, Shams, and Duvet Covers. It’s all about the thread, not the thread count.

WARMTH Blankets and Comforters allow you to adjust your sleep temperature any time of the year

SUPPORT The right combination of Pillows layered specifically to your perfect sleep style, available in Hungarian Goose Down and Down free fills

COMFORT Adjust your mattress with a Mattress Enhancer to create the perfect foundation for restorative sleep

PROTECT Mattress and Pillow Protectors keep moisture, allergens and bugs away.

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The Somnvie Difference:

You work directly with a brand associate to customize the bed of your dreams – one tailored exactly to your personal tastes. The result is a healthier and more luxurious night’s sleep.

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Sleep Better. Live Better. 

Everyone’s favorite is the Somnvie Signature Oversized Pillow, nicknamed the “Big Boy.” It’s offered in three fills:  Hungarian Goose Down and Feather, Down Free, and Down Free Extra-Filled. 

This uniquely designed pillow measures 31 X 40 and is the perfect sleeping, reading  or watching Netflix in bed, dorm favorite and all-around chilling pillow. It’s a must-try, you will love it!

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When shopping online for bedding we are bombarded with a plethora of thread counts, fibers and fills. With Somnvie you are able to see, touch and feel the products at Susanne’s showroom or in the comfort of your own home.  You can also use her link to view all Somnvie offers and she of course can help with any questions you may have. It’s really the easiest way to shop for bedding!

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