Michelangelo At The Met

Today I went with a group of readers to see the “once in a lifetime” Michelangelo 6 room exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We hired curator, Emily McElwreath of of Sidel and McElwreath to give us a tour of the incredible pieces that depict Michelangelo as a supreme draftsman and designer.  Emily explained to us that this show was 10 years in the making.  All of the pieces are from 54 private collections throughout the US and Europe.  They even needed approval from the Queen to show some of the featured works.  Because of the age of the pieces, the exhibit is under dim lighting and after this all of the art will “rest’ in storage for 3 years.  Most of these drawings and sculpture have never been on display.  There is a reproduction of the Sistine Chapel, with the actual drawings of the images prior to them being painted.  This was our favorite part of the tour.   We stayed in the Chapel room wayyyy tooo long in awe of how amazing it was.  The exhibition runs until, February 12th…run don’t walk!!!!!  Maybe you will see me there because I am definitely going again!!!!!

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