Meet Danyelli Laurette…A Local Hair Care Line

I recently was introduced to the amazing new hair care line Danyelli Laurette created by Danielle Settembre. And I am hooked and you will be too….

Danyelli Laurette is a new line of hair created by Danielle Lauren Settembre, owner of Hair Saloon & Café in Scarsdale, and founded on the mission of taking good care of YOU. The team of amazingly strong women has forged the highest quality, all-natural ingredients to produce a line of organic hair and body care from a family-owned farm in upstate New York. Forget a lab, the team likes to use their creative abilities, and the earth’s natural plant-based ingredients picked right from a garden. Danyelli Laurette is paving the way for the hair and body industry for all working women so that you can do both. I recently sat down with the founder Danielle and asked her some questions about the line. I was so impressed. For more information or to order the products visit their website HERE.

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What inspired you to start your own line?

Since opening my own salon ( hair saloon & cafe) I am creating a brand and will franchise one day and want to create high-quality products that go with the space 

What is your favorite product that you created?

 My favorites are my shampoo & conditioner bars which are eco-friendly and great to travel with. 

How often should you shampoo your hair?

I say twice a week depending on the quality of the product. Most people I know hair gets greasy and it’s mainly because of low-quality products filled with chemicals. Our brand is all organically grown ingredients with zero chemicals and safe for all color-treated hair 

Should you condition each time?

I always recommend conditioning with shampooing to ensure the hair stays moisturizer 

What order should we use products in?

Shampoo then conditioner 

The body bars are used to wash the body

What is the most important thing you can do for your hair?

The most important thing is not overwashing it, using heat protectants, and hydrating it with a great conditioner 

What is your best suggestion for thickening hair?

For thickening hair, I recommend using a volumizing shampoo/conditioning first as the foundation. Then using a styling tool such as a thickening spray or mouse 

What is your best suggestion for heat-damaged or dull-looking hair?

A conditioning masque once a week for 10 to 20 mins left in then rinse. Best for hair repair. 

How do you stop wasting products?

Use small amounts then adjust accordingly  

What is the one product you cannot live without for your hair?

I love my conditioner 

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