Make Your Next Purchase A Patio Heater…AND FAST!!!!

Patio Heater talk started mid summer. Many readers sent in notes that they were unable to buy patio heaters. All the sites they went on were not going to be able to deliver for many months out. The panic started rushing in. Reader after reader messaged in “What are we going to do when it gets cold and we cannot use our outdoor space? . During this pandemic having a friend over to sit outside or to share a meal outdoors has been many people’s saving grace. DO NOT WORRY!!! I found some patio heaters that you can get within the next week or so in a range of sizes and prices. I love the look of all of them. Any of these will enhance your alfresco time. I am thinking of getting one of the round ones to put on my stone wall. Click the images below for more information or to order. Hurry they are going fast!!!!

The next 3 are labeled for Indoor Use so if you do purchase these, you cannot leave them out all the time, you need to bring them in and store indoors….

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