Make An Older Home Feel Brand New With This Advice

When we set out to buy a home, it can feel like an impossible task. So many potential homes to choose from, so many factors to consider. There’s your budget, the location, whether it suits your family, and everything in between. The one thing you can’t predict is the feeling you get when you step through the door. The feeling is like trying on your wedding dress for the first time. You just know. No one can tell you how it feels or describe it to you; it’s just there. So what happens if you get that feeling, and the home is a bit of a disaster zone? You need perhaps more work than you had anticipated. Rest assured, here is an essential guide to making an older home feel brand new. Creating your perfect space. 

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Think about the exterior and structure

A big giveaway of a property’s age is the exterior look. A house or property can have the telltale signs of brickwork looking shabby, maybe some parts having broken away. There are the windows and the doors. All of which could look a little dated and in need of some attention. This is where you may need to consider getting some professionals in to take out any structural repairs. Or perhaps consider some new windows to make the property more energy efficient. This way you are giving your new home a little makeover while potentially saving yourself some money on your energy bills. 

Make use of original features

A lot of older properties have beautiful original features like exposed beams or fireplaces. These are a wonderful designer feature to any home and are worth restoring and keeping if you can. They make great talking points and can work well with a modern design. Original features can often be very difficult to maintain though, so you may want to get some help from experts who might be able to help you. Exposing and creating a fireplace needs more than just the fireplace itself, it is the chimney to think about and the internal structure. This is when getting a professional chimney sweep could help you to make more of it. Websites like are worth looking at. Beams are also a great feature, but they may need treating thanks to rot. However, experts will tell you exactly what needs to be done, and of course, the costs involved. Original features are always worth restoring where possible. 

Add a modern twist

An older property may look desirable. But that doesn’t mean the kitchen and bathroom will be. Often in this kind of property, those features may not have been improved for some time. So it’s the perfect opportunity to add a modern twist to the home by adding a fantastic state-of-the-art kitchen and serene bathroom suite. These are the rooms that often add value to a property so don’t be too worried about losing your investment. 

Work with smaller spaces

Older properties often don’t have square or boxy rooms like new builds do. After all, it is probably why you fell in love with the place thanks to its quirky nature. But sometimes that means that buying furniture might not always be a possibility. It may not fit or even look right. This is when creating bespoke pieces to fit certain areas of a room could be ideal. Chairs or built-in seating with storage, for example. A carpenter can work on your design and measurements. It definitely will help you make the home a little more user-friendly. 

Make the home work for you

A lot of the time, in older properties, the layouts don’t work for modern living. So don’t be afraid to knock some walls down and make the internal space work for your family. Of course, the only thing to bear in mind here is any buildings that are listed. This is where you will need to speak to a conservation officer to ask what work you can and can’t do to the property. In most cases, any interior work is permitted. 

Don’t forget the garden and landscaping

Finally, the garden and landscape can be a big feature of the property. So make sure you spend some time updating it. Even if you keep things simple with a pretty flower bed and a well-kept lawn. It can instantly change the curb appeal of your new home. 

I hope this helps you if you have fallen in love with a home that needs some work.

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