Looking for the coolest gifts? Shop the LTD with Lizzie Tisch….

Today my friend Clare and I decided to make a trek to the Upper East Side to the former Cartier mansion on Madison Ave, to the insanely cool pop-up shop of tastemaker, Lizzie Tisch, LTD X Lizzie Tisch. I have been following Lizzie on Instagram for years, and I can best describe her style as classic chic with a saucy twist. I was so excited to visit the shop and it did not disappoint. I first grabbed a few gifts on the “beauty” table, the “Wakey, Wakey” and “Be Well” organic body washes. And after using one tonight..I have to say it smells terrific!! The shop was filled with so many wonderful and interesting things curated by Lizzie herself. There were gorgeous puffed sleeve Le Lion cardigans. Rainbow colored House of Fluff faux fur jackets. The most incredible jeweled bracelet gloves (hmmmmm I wonder what I went home with), show-stopping fine jewelry and so much more. I also rounded out my purchases with some peanut brittle and chocolates and Huge Vanilla Marshmallows, which Lizzie told me were so delicious. I have hidden them from myself so I can save them for a special day!!!!! I also bought my fur babies the cutest jelly dog treats. There were just so many things that I wanted to buy. I fell in love with the cutest mink hand sanitizer case that attaches to your purse. Unfortunately, I left without buying it and that little beauty has been haunting me ever since!!!

The Pop-Up Shop is located at 828 Madison Ave and is opened Monday-Saturday from 11 -5 until December 18th. If it is too hard for you to get into the city right now, you can DM LTD X Lizze Tisch on Instagram and they will face time with you around the store and ship anything you need. Here are some photos from our fun whimsical outing.

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