Last But Not least

Our last Beach Bag post is by fellow blogger Call Me Ang.  I have had Ang contribue to the blog before.  I love her style and her story.  You should definitely check her out..onto our last beach bag haul!  Enjoy!

Aren’t you sweet to think of me! I carry a pink and green (LARGE) pottery barn kids bag (because I’m a mommy) and it has my oldest daughter’s monogram on it. I always take a LOT of water….And of course sunscreen. I use Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids (it’s a spray) and find it easier to use a sunblock stick for all of our faces. I also have ball caps for all of us. Traditional sun hats won’t work on our windy beaches..they blow away. I also have a little coin pouch with my ID and money for parking…and finally Lacoste beach towels. All of which our monogrammed…Pretty simple.

We Always wear Vineyard Vines hats and drink water from Tervis Tumblers.

I swear backpack chairs are lifesavers for the beach. Can’t fit in my beach bag….but it’s an essential. wink emoticon

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