John Robshaw

Last week my friend Meg and I went to the Home Boutique of Greenwich to meet textile designer John Robshaw.  I had seen his colorful prints before in magazines and blogs many times and was looking forward to meeting John in person.  He is such a friendly guy, who resembles Hugh Grant!!!  He explained his background and we talked about everything from mutual friends to his fabulous custom button down shirt, made from some extra block print fabric.  John started his career by attending Pratt and studying block printing in India.  He travels all over the  globe for inspiration for his textile designs.  You can see John Robshaw’s complete line on his website HERE.  He also has a fabulous design book John Robshaw Prints: Textiles, Block Prints, Global Inspiration and Interiors that can be purchased HERE.
We both purchased one of these colorful Ikat towels to use for picnics at the beach this summer!!!
My friend Meg, my model for the day!!!!!!

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