Is March Going To Be Your Lucky Month?

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Most of us think of luck as something we simply can’t control.  We just have to take it as it comes. 

But Stuart Lichtman, author of the new book, Make Your Life a 10, says believing that is counter-productive.  In fact, we each have the power to change our luck—quickly.  

Stu, who has trained over 50,000 people around the world—including CEOs and heads of state—to turn their luck around and achieve seemingly impossible goals, explains that luck is little more than unconsciously generated success. 

Since your unconscious mind is what really runs your life, taking control of your luck comes down to making sure that your conscious and unconscious minds both want the same thing.  When they do, you will feel that you are easily getting what you want. Your life will flow smoothly, and your goals will be met without much if any, conscious effort.   In other words, you’ll become far luckier.

Here are a few simple steps Stu recommends to help: 

  • Imagine it.  Whether you hope for the perfect parking spot or the perfect job, visualize it clearly.  Home in on the specific core of what it is, leaving out anything peripheral to it.
  • Write it down. Record what you’ve visualized on paper or in an email or text to yourself.  Then, read what you wrote a few times and imagine having already gotten or experienced it.  This will help anchor the vision in your unconscious mind.
  • Expect it. This is crucial: you must expect that what you wish for will happen—and look for it to show up.
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