Ideas for Decorating A New Apartment

The downside of renting an apartment is that it’s way harder to decorate it. If your bathroom needs an upgrade or you want to install new flooring in the living room, there’s a high chance the landlord will say no. Especially if it’s only for aesthetic reasons! 

Don’t let this get you down – there are ways to decorate an apartment without annoying the owner. You just need to be a bit cunning, and here are some suggestions: 

Use contact paper on work surfaces & cabinets

What is contact paper? It’s a really genius tool for home decorating without making a mess or causing permanent changes. Basically, you have high-quality sheets of laminated paper that stick to surfaces and can be peeled back off. Here, you can cover kitchen counters and cabinets with them, offering a budget-friendly – and landlord-friendly – renovation. They can’t complain as you simply remove all the contact paper when you leave. If anything, it keeps their property in better condition as you protect the surfaces too! 

Try removable wallpaper

Did you know you can find removable wallpaper that sticks to your walls and peels off when you’re done with it? Yes, this is similar to contact paper, but on a much larger scale and with loads of cool designs. You get a chance to change your apartment wallpaper without actually changing it. It’ll instantly transform your rooms and you can finally bring your own style to the place. 

Cover your furniture

Now, if you live in a furnished apartment, you can’t even choose what sofa or bed to buy. You can, however, cover your furniture in throws or blankets to add a splash of color. This is extra beneficial if you live in pet-friendly apartments as it stops your pets from damaging the furniture and costing you lots of money. Pick a few furniture covers or throws that tickle your fancy and use them around the apartment to make it feel more personal to you. 

Add temporary window treatments

Turn your attention to the apartment windows if you want to do a spot of decorating. Believe it or not, you can purchase temporary blinds. They stick to your windows without any drilling required and can add a real touch of class to the place. Alternatively, you can buy things that alter the design of the window panes. They come in the form of stick-on films and can give the illusion that your window has frosted glass or other decals. 

Don’t worry if you rent an apartment and want to do some home decorating. You may be unable to fully renovate the place, but you can make some adjustments here and there. The golden rule is to avoid making permanent changes. Everything should be temporary/removable so you can leave the apartment in the same condition as you found it. This’ll ensure you put your stamp on your living space without irritating the landlord or losing out on your security deposit. Also, it means you can make multiple changes during the year – perhaps you have a new wallpaper for every season!

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