Ideas For A Bathroom Makeover

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In 2021, the home improvement market in the United States was bustling, with sales reaching around $538 billion. It’s a booming industry, and it’s predicted to grow even more, with projections estimating sales to exceed $620 billion by 2025. So, it’s no surprise that people are investing in making their living spaces better, more functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

If you live in Fishers, Indiana, and you’ve been thinking about changing up your bathroom, you’re in the right place. Your bathroom may be a small space, but it’s a big part of your daily life. We’re going to go over some great ideas that can make your bathroom not only more practical but also more stylish. These changes can even boost your home’s value. Ready to get some actionable tips? Let’s dive in!

1. Trendy Tile Upgrades

Tiles are often the first thing people notice when they walk into a bathroom. They set the mood and tone for the space. In recent years, the variety of tiles available has exploded. We’re not just talking about colors but also shapes and textures. Want to give your bathroom a rustic vibe? Consider stone or wood-look tiles. For a clean, modern look, large-format tiles in neutral tones can do wonders.

Then there’s the layout—how the tiles are arranged can make a huge difference. Herringbone and chevron patterns have become popular choices. Subway tiles laid in unusual patterns can offer a fresh take on a classic style. And don’t forget about the grout. Contrasting grout colors can make the tiles pop, while matching grout offers a more seamless look.

2. Professional Help

A good contractor can help make your vision come to life and can often help source materials at a better price. Before hiring, check reviews, ask for quotes, and make sure they’re licensed and insured.

In Fishers bathroom remodeling cost can vary widely depending on what you want to do. A minor bathroom makeover may cost you between $2,500 and $15,000. For bigger projects like remodeling a master bathroom or going custom, the price tag could be between $10,000 and $30,000. If you’re considering just a bathtub replacement, the expense could range from $800 to $4,600. And for those interested in a quick one-day bath or shower renovation, be prepared to spend $4,000 to $10,000.

3. Spa-Like Features

Who wouldn’t want to bring the relaxing atmosphere of a spa into their own home? The good news is, it’s easier than you might think. Starting with the basics, a rain showerhead can make a huge difference in your daily routine. It provides a soft, natural flow of water, making every shower feel like a mini-retreat. Some rain showerheads even have built-in LED lights for a chromotherapy experience.

Jetted tubs or soaking tubs can be another luxurious addition. These aren’t just bathtubs; they’re experiences. Jetted tubs can provide therapeutic muscle relaxation, perfect after a long day or a strenuous workout. If you have the space, why not install a steam shower? It’s great for the skin, and it can help you unwind.

4. Lighting & Fixtures

Lighting is a game-changer in any room, and the bathroom is no exception. Good lighting can elevate the space, making it functional and inviting. Recessed lighting can offer a clean, streamlined look. Wall sconces on either side of the mirror can provide perfect task lighting for grooming. If you have a larger bathroom, consider a statement piece like a chandelier for a touch of glamour.

As for fixtures, brushed nickel and matte black are currently popular choices that offer a modern, clean look. Gold-toned fixtures can add a touch of luxury, while vintage fixtures can provide a nostalgic charm. Choose fixtures that match your chosen aesthetic, but also keep functionality in mind. Sensor taps or high-efficiency fixtures can make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

5. Flooring Choices

When it comes to flooring, durability and water resistance are key. Tiles are the go-to choice for most bathrooms, but not all tiles are created equal. Porcelain tiles are tougher and more water-resistant than ceramic tiles. If you want something different, consider natural stone, but keep in mind it needs regular sealing to prevent water damage. Luxury vinyl is another good option; it’s water-resistant and comes in a variety of designs, even ones that mimic the look of wood or stone.

6. Storage Solutions

We all have stuff, and the bathroom is no exception. Good storage can help keep the clutter at bay. Built-in shelves in unused nooks, rolling carts, or even a recessed medicine cabinet can save space. For a modern touch, floating vanities provide a clean, streamlined look and make the bathroom easier to clean.

7. Smart Bathroom Tech

In our tech-savvy world, why not have a smart bathroom? Heated floors can make winter mornings more tolerable. Smart mirrors with built-in LEDs and even touch-screen controls can offer everything from the news to weather updates while you brush your teeth. High-efficiency toilets with dual flush options can save water, and some even come with a built-in bidet.

8. Color Scheme & Paint

Colors can make or break a space. Light colors often make a room feel larger and cleaner. You can add pops of color with accessories, tiles, or even a feature wall. Don’t underestimate the power of good paint. Make sure it’s mildew-resistant, especially if you lack good ventilation.

9. Ventilation

Speaking of ventilation, a good fan is a must, especially if you lack windows. It keeps the air fresh and prevents mold and mildew, which are common in damp spaces like bathrooms. Some fans even come with built-in timers or humidity sensors.

10. Smart Storage Solutions

Let’s face it: A bathroom can never have too much storage. From towels to toiletries, there’s a lot to stash away to keep the space clutter-free. But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style for the sake of storage. In fact, your storage choices can add to the room’s aesthetic appeal. Floating vanities have become increasingly popular. They offer the illusion of space and are super stylish.

For smaller items, consider built-in niches or shelves in the shower area. It’s a smart use of otherwise wasted space. Cabinets over the toilet or under the sink can hold larger items. Consider pull-out drawers instead of traditional cabinet doors for easier access.


Taking on a bathroom remodel in Fishers can be both exciting and financially demanding. The range of costs you’ll encounter depends on the scale and complexity of your project. Whether you’re going for a small facelift or a complete transformation, it’s important to budget carefully and know what to expect. Always keep in mind that good planning and a clear vision can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank. If you’re ready to make your bathroom a more comfortable and functional space, now is the perfect time to start weighing your options and making informed decisions.

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