I and You

Yesterday a group of friends and I joined my sponsor Fortune Theatricals for their “A Day At the Theater” series.  They do this event about once every three or four months and bring a group to see a show with special pricing and have a disucssion with the cast and or director afterwards.  I have gone a few times and it is MAGICAL!!  Yesterday’s group was treated to the show I and You.  If you are interested in joining our theater group please email Ashley DeSimone HERE or ashley@fortunetheatricalventures.com.

Here’s the Synopisis of I and You:

Classmates but virtual strangers, Caroline and Anthony have more in common than they 

Homebound due to illness, Caroline is something of a loner. So when popular student
Anthony unexpectedly arrives to work on a school project about Walt Whitman’s Leaves of
Grass, she is less than thrilled. But, as the poetry project progresses, Caroline finds herself 

opening up in ways she never imagined possible, and the two discover a deeper mystery 

has brought them together.

An ode to life, love and human connection, I and You will warm your heart and leave you 


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