How To Slow Down The Signs Of Aging & Feel More Youthful

Let’s be honest, nobody likes feeling old. We all grow older, and we all go through different changes as this happens. Typically, this includes a lot of physical changes like wrinkles, a more bent-over posture, sore joints, etc. But, there can also be some mental signs of aging as well – like memory loss. 

Sadly, there’s no way of freezing time and stopping yourself from getting old. It’s something we all have to learn to live with, but there are ways of slowing down the obvious signs of aging. When you do this, you will look and feel a lot more youthful. In turn, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve as you get older! 

So, how can you do this? In this guide, you’ll find a few tips and tricks to tackle some of the most common signs of aging. As you read through the advice, you’ll soon realize how easy it is to slow down the signs of aging and feel more youthful.

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Use natural supplements to banish wrinkles

Now, wrinkles are probably the most obvious sign of aging you can think of. Most of you have clicked on this article hoping to get some anti-wrinkle advice. Well, you’re not going to be disappointed! There are loads of great treatments out there to deal with wrinkles, but some are more extreme than others. We’re going to focus on some of the less extreme things that you can do from home, rather than any cosmetic procedures. 

Mainly, as the title of this heading shows, we’ll look at natural supplements. What does this include? Well, anything that’s naturally occurring and doesn’t involve loads of harsh chemicals. Essential oils fit this description perfectly! One of the key health & beauty benefits of essential oils is that they help with anti-aging. Rose otto is one of the main ones, and it’s easy to apply by mixing it with other oils and using it on your skin. The natural healing properties of essential oils go deep into your skin and encourage collagen production. In turn, this creates firmer and smoother skin, free from wrinkles. 

Of course, other natural supplements exist, but few are as easy to get ahold of than essential oils. Plus, they’re safe and will only benefit your skin. By banishing wrinkles, you will visibly look and feel a lot younger. It can literally take 10 years off your age!

Work on improving your posture

As you get older, your posture is one of the first things to suffer. You may have noticed a lot of your elderly relatives seem to all stoop over or have a rounded back. This can also cause them to look a lot smaller than they actually are. This happens because the discs in your spine can deteriorate with age, weakening the spine’s ability to hold an upright position. Hence, you start to round forwards and become hunched over. 

Most people experience this change because they aren’t aware that it’s a thing. But, when you become more aware of maintaining good posture, then you can stop it from happening. It’s a simple case of staying upright and keeping your back as straight as possible. Try to avoid sitting down or using a computer for long periods with no breaks. This trains your brain to get used to your body being in a hunched-over posture. As a result, it almost sticks to this position even when you stand up.

A good way to know that you have postural problems is to try and maintain good posture. Sit or stand with your shoulders rolled back and down, your chest out, and your lower back in neutral (this means not overly arched and not completely flat). If this is a challenge, then you know your body isn’t used to this position! So, try and maintain it for as long as possible throughout the day. You should also do some exercises to strengthen the main postural muscles in your back, as well as stretches for some overly tight muscles. This helps to bring your spine back into natural alignment, releasing a lot of pressure on your discs and keeping them healthier for longer. As a consequence, you can delay or avoid the hunchback posture as you get older!

Look after your joints

You’ve seen what happens to your spine as you get older, and similar problems exist in the joints throughout your body. A joint is basically any point where two bones meet one another. We have loads of these in our bodies, and some are more problematic than others. Without getting too technical, the biggest issues lie in our synovial joints – which are basically joints with a lot of movement in them. Common examples include the hip joint, shoulders, ankles, knees, and wrists. 

When you get older, the muscles around these joints can weaken, and you can also lose a lot of the synovial fluid that helps them move freely. As a consequence, this leads to bones rubbing against one another, which causes inflammation. From here, you’re close to lots of problems – mainly arthritis. Your life is plagued by pain, and you find it hard to do a lot of normal activities. While arthritis and joint pain are commonly associated with the elderly, you can suffer from both at a fairly young age. It all comes down to how well you look after your joints. A regular visit to one of your local Orthopedic Specialists when you experience joint pains can help to get you on the right track to looking after your joints. 

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Exercise regularly

Speaking of exercise, you really need to do it as regularly as possible. This is a wonderful way to decrease so many different signs of aging. As already mentioned, it can help keep your joints healthy. But, staying active could also improve your posture, so that’s two things ticked off already. 

Furthermore, exercising is amazing for your heart and lungs. It encourages your heart to work harder and become more efficient at pumping blood around your body. It also improves your capacity to breathe, leading to fewer heart or lung problems. This is a surefire way to avoid any health conditions related to aging – like heart disease. Exercise also deals with another sign of aging; weight gain. Most people gain weight as they get older because they become more inactive. Exercising prevents this from becoming an issue!

Lastly, it helps with the mental side of aging as well. The older you get, the more prone you are to memory loss and other mental health conditions. So, you must find ways to stimulate your brain and keep it healthy. Exercising requires lots of coordination and forces you to think quickly. There’s also an element of memory training in there as well – you have to remember how to do certain things while you exercise. All of this means that physical exercise can also be a great mental exercise and will keep your brain healthier for longer. 

Eat a healthy diet

Yes, changing your eating habits can help you delay the signs of aging. Funnily enough, this is actually one of the few things that can also extend our life expectancy. A good diet – combined with regular exercise – will help you live longer. 

From an anti-aging standpoint, how does your diet impact things? Well, it comes down to the different foods you eat. If you eat a lot of fatty foods that are high in sugar, you’ll gain weight, put more stress on your joints, and make your skin look worse. If your diet is balanced and packed full of the right nutrients, you’ll have clearer skin, more energy, and an all-round healthier body. 

Two specific things to add to your diet are omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C. Omega-3 is great at improving your brain health, which can be essential when fighting against things like memory loss as you get older. Vitamin C has so many health benefits, but it also assists with preventing gray hair. Again, this is a common sign of aging that most people experience and would like to delay for as long as possible. 

Try any of all of these things, and you will see dramatic improvements in the telltale signs of aging. Your skin will be clearer, your body will feel healthier, and your mind will be more astute. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to not think about aging until you’re old! Take steps to look and feel more youthful when you’re still quite young. This will help you have a more youthful future even when you’re old!

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