Hostess Gifts Galore

It’s that time of year when you need gifts for the hostess…..I have brought flowers or wine in the past but I do try to find something that I hope the hostess will have from year to year when she entertains…here are some of my favorite picks!!!  Bon Weekend!!!!


Hands Down the best gift….this does not need to be planted or even watered…all you have to do is just watch it bloom….I’ve ordered a bunch of these!!!!

These stockings are fabulous!!!!!!

I love this mixing bowl set and…..

This to fill it!!!!!!

This entertainment set is so special…and makes a great presentation…

This serving plate is gorgeous!!!!! Perfect with Christmas cookies!!!!

Love the look of this set of votives..I might need to get these for me!!!!

I had given these out a few years ago, and I still hear how much they are loved….

I think I’ll give some cheese spreaders this year too!!!!

You cannot go wrong with a set of holiday appetizer plates!

These are so cute too…..

These decorative napkins would look good on any table!!!!!

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