Home Made Pottery Guide for Newbies — Great Insights to Get Started

Getting started with homemade pottery can be an uphill task if you have never done it. But there is no need to get worried because there is a lot of information to help you achieve your dreams of crafting amazing clay items for your home. Pottery offers an exceptional opportunity to use your hands and creativity to make a variety of items for your home such as plates, platters, cups and mugs, soup bowls, vases, and more.

Whether you are looking for a creative outlet, a soothing hobby, or a chance to produce lovely and useful items for your home, you need to have the basic homemade pottery tools and equipment to get started. Thereafter, you can start your project. Let’s dive into the insights you need to begin. 

What Is Home-Made Pottery?

Homemade pottery is a satisfying and eye-catching art that involves making clay items at home with basic tools. As mentioned, there are many items you can make, but you need to be prepared for this.

Crafting homemade pottery is one of the compelling hobbies or interests that many people enjoy. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. You can visit Supper Club and keep reading to discover more.

Basic Tools for Home-Made Pottery

You will need certain tools to create beautiful pottery yourself at home.

·         Clay and glazes – Clay is the soul of pottery, and choosing the right type such as earthenware, ceramic, porcelain, and stoneware is crucial. Glazes highlight the aesthetically appealing characteristics of the clay you select.

·         Potter’s wheel – The potter’s wheel makes the magic happen. It spins the clay as you form it into the desired shape.

·         Rolling surface and pins – A rolling surface and pin are indispensable for items that require flat clay and precision in your creative process.

·         Cutting and shaping tools – Tools such as a clay knife, needles, wires, and other shaping tools help you to make precise shapes and etch intricate details into your designs.

·         Brushes and sponges – Brushes and sponges serve as your artistic tools, allowing you to apply glazes and underglazes and create captivating textures.

·         Kiln – The kiln is where your pottery undergoes a breathtaking transformation of hardening into durable ceramics through firing.

How to Get Started with Home-Made Pottery

Your homemade pottery journey is an exciting adventure waiting to unfold. Now that you know all the basic tools that you need, you can try ideas displayed on reputable homemade pottery websites and social media accounts to get amazing ideas. You can also use tutorials on video streaming and sharing platforms for helpful guides and steps to make homemade pottery.

Once you are ready, just prepare your working surface in an area such as a garage, kitchen, or unused room in your house to get started. Many people create pottery as a hobby during their free time such as evenings after work and weekends.


When crafting homemade pottery, you should not be afraid of making mistakes as a beginner because this is how you learn. After reading the insights we have shared, you will have an easy time getting started with your projects. With time, you will perfect the art and make impressive pottery that you can even sell in your town and online.

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