Home Improvement Tip..What To Do About a Leaky Roof

There’s nothing worse than noticing a leak in the roof. The roof is something that many homeowners often forget about needing to maintain, especially as it helps to insulate the home. With a leak, it’s a compromise that can affect the entire property, not just the part of the property that’s leaking.

It’s important to act fast to help prevent as much damage as possible. With that in mind, here’s what to do when a leak is found in the roof space.

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Move anything directly under the leak

If there’s a leak already happening, then the first thing that needs to be done is to remove anything that’s currently underneath it. This is important because the leak itself is bad enough but the water and debris coming through can end up causing further damage to the interior and furnishings within the home. 

For example, if the leak is coming from a ceiling that falls directly onto electronics, then it’s worthwhile getting these moved out of the way, ideally out of the room in question.

Contain the water where possible

With a leaking roof, there may be a lot of rainfall that happens during the time the roof is being assessed and the work is being done to fix it. 

It’s worth putting something underneath the leak directly to contain the water. That way, it reduces the amount of damage caused. If it’s possible to climb into the roof space to do this, then it’s worth the effort to help minimize the overall cost and damage caused.

Temporarily cover the exposed part 

Talking of putting in temporary measures, it’s important to try and cover the exposed part as best as possible. It’s important to cover the opening but to ensure that this temporary cover isn’t causing additional damage to the surrounding area.

If it’s doable, it may be worthwhile creating something that mimics the functionality of the existing roof material. That’ll help keep the leak at bay until a roofing contractor can come out.

Take photos for insurance usage

Photos are an important one because they’ll help for insurance purposes. Taking photos of the damage will help to claim if needed on the home insurance that’s currently in place. Be sure to timestamp these images too in order to show proof and when the damage occurred. All of this information can be helpful in processing a claim quickly and easily.

Call a professional roofing company

When there’s a leak found in the roofing, then a professional roofing company is required. A company like Christian Brothers Roofing are experts in providing replacements and fixes to a homeowner’s property. It’s important to pick the most reputable for a job like this one. It’s a valuable fix that needs to be done properly. As a result, it can often be an expensive repair job, so the homeowner will want it done right.

A leaking roof is not something that should be ignored, so make sure it’s seen immediately before it causes more damage.

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